some stay dry and others are subject to baptismal anointment by journalism's religion


  • christmas witch with left mom
    today I learned that Tay Zonday is immensely unlikable
    I wonder if it's saying something that most of the people I've seen following him on Twitter recently are trolls 
  • ...somehow i fail to see what's so unlikeable about that but

    in other news i see that i can no longer predict the thread starter of strangely sarcastic threads
  • it's the string theory behind our cultural physics of mattering!
  • I can all but hear the chimes
    They are long and loud and slow
    Jane said:

    today I learned that Tay Zonday is immensely unlikable

    man that is exactly the opposite of what im getting out of this
  • christmas witch with left mom
    anytime I see someone be like, rude to an interviewer I just think "that poor intern"
  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    I feel bad for the guy asking the questions but I can also get why he has no patience for being asked them. He's clearly someone who gets asked questions like that a lot and would rather be asked something interesting while realising his kind of fame tends not to offer the latitude that would allow him to receive good questions, so he's using the prompts to say things he'd rather be asked about.
  • I agree with Jane
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