Imagine If You Were Allowed Media Only From 2014 And After

Roots, but no Roots.
Ben-Hur, but no Ben-Hur.
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, but no Harry Potter.
The Mummy, but no The Mummy.
The last of the Hobbit movies, but not the other ones or the Lord of the Rings movies.
Star Trek:  Picard, but no Star Trek:  The Next Generation.
Ducktales, but no Ducktales.
XCom 2 by Firaxis, but not Firaxis's XCom.
The Mandalorian, but no Ewoks.
That one adaptation of Dune that they're making, but not the other ones.
Jurassic World, but no Jurassic Park.

(The joke is that all of the previous sentences end with things that came from already-existing IPs.)


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    I suppose it says a lot about me that I immediately started trying to think of which PreCure series aired after 2014

    The answer is that we'd only be able to go as far back as Happiness Charge
  • my first thought is suicide, but there have been some good stoner/doom metal albums in the past few years at least.
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  • Luckily for me I still have Twin Peaks: The Return.
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    The problem is, I don't know if things that started before 2014 and are ongoing are allowed in this scenario.  For example, Freefall, Lackadaisy, OOTS, Goblins, etc.

    I mean, even if it is permissible, you'd have to go without the parts from 2014 and before, and at that point you're better off not starting partway through, so might as well not have the Mistborn trilogy or Homestuck, but have Mistborn:  Secret History and The Homestuck Epilogues, because those technically count as their own thing.  The dividing line is whether the thing was ALWAYS going to be part of the thing, or if it was added later.

    Honestly, thinking of it from the point of view of some media-monger whose children are forbidden pre-2014 media, it makes total sense and is actually probably good parenting to make all these remakes so that the kids can have at least echoes of what was.
  • This would be bad for my videogaming hobby but my anime hobby wouldn't be affected as much
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    Darkness is ever the herald of dawn.
    Okay, a conclusion:  the Final Fantasy games count as different things, because it was not intended from the beginning that there be more than one.

    The Way of Kings was always going to be a decalogue.

    So, I think Final Fantasy XIV or whatever is okay, but not Rhythm of War.

    This means that Gravity Falls is out (sorry guys, I was going to use that as a consolation, I thought that show started in 2014, but that was just when I first saw any of it, and I didn't get into it until about 2015-2016), as is MLP:FIM, Steven Universe, and Regular Show, but Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is permissible, as is Steven Universe Future, Equestria Girls, and the new Powerpuff Girls show (which I've heard nothing about, so maybe it's good?).
  • Darkness is ever the herald of dawn.
    Okay, here's a different question:

    early 1985 - late 1991 vs late 1991-halfway through 1999 vs halfway through 1999 to the end of 2007 vs 2007-2014 vs 2014-now.

    Which roughly seven-year period would you choose, if you had to have media only from that time?
  • Darkness is ever the herald of dawn.
    (I mean, of course, the question is stupid, because we all love the work of Beverly Cleary and Euripides and Robert Louis Stevenson and Anne McCaffery and there's no reason to restrict oneself to such a period of time, but still).
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    Darkness is ever the herald of dawn.
    I'm possibly the youngest or second-youngest poster here (man, I haven't seen Tre around here in forever, I hope he's okay), so my childhood is a lot more 1999-2007, so I think I'd go with that.  I'd get to have the Star Wars prequels, LOTR movies, and Harry Potter except the first book, and that alone is probably more paydirt for me than the entire post-2014 selection.
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  • as an old cow I must choose '85-'91.
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