things I have hissed at like they were a villain in a silent movie

because sometimes I hiss at TV shows or video games, thus far I have hissed at (that I can remember)

* some guy on Brooklyn Nine Nine (I forgot who) for thinking "awesome" started with an O (or some other weird creative spelling thing that did not amuse me)
* some annoying NPC in a Pokemon game who wanted to battle when I had like one unfainted Pokemon and wanted to get to the Pokemon center not battle some picnic girl
* actually annoying NPCs in general when they pop up when I don't want them to be there
* some one-off old lady on an episode of American Dad! because... I forgot actually
* Sea Bass in Animal Crossing games because yeah
* various online trolls (and after hissing at them I laugh at their inevitable bannings)
* someone who said she hated cats
* Lord English


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