The Heap Pantheon V2

edited 2015-11-16 23:45:42 in Chocolate
Well, Myr necroed the old one but I think we should start over from scratch cause I would feel weird tampering with the OP of a three year old thread. Anyhow, suggest people and what sphere they'd represent.

Cerise: Warden of the Lurkers, Tempter and Protector of Maidens (I really liked your wording so I'm leaving it as is)
Jane: God of the underworld and 2D indie games
KingCrackers: God of the study of mythologies and religions
Vriska: Keeper of kittens, bringer of mildly inconvenient but nonfatal petrific8ion and exsanguin8ion. Patron of actors, pir8s, imperson8ors, tricksters, and roleplayers. Likes octopodes, but does not govern them.
Yarrun XIX: The Bearer of Bears, patron of poets and The Discourse


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