It's time for the Heap to practice criticism and self-criticism

"Why are there such bad things in the splendid organization of our forum? The reason, I think, is very simple. It is that our forum is not a forum that has fallen from the heavens; it is a forum that has grown out of the existing internet society, and worse, the TVTropes society. Although in general our forum members are relatively the best of the internet, the vanguard of the exodus, they come, however, from every imageboard and pit and are still living in this society which is replete with the influences of assholes - selfishness, intrigues, bureaucracy and every kind of filth thing... Is it anything strange that there are muddy stains on a person who crawls out of the mud and who constantly dabbles in the mud?"

Comrades, on behalf of the moderation staff I welcome you, the delegates of the people, and I hope you will all speak out clearly and fearlessly what you think. Certainly you need not fear any reprisal. As for me, in the past you made me an oper, but I forgot my poor friends after I myself had risen in status.

I hope the delegates will help me to correct my bad behavior. I came originally from a Mega Man fan forum, where I was nobody terribly important, merely posting and reposting insipid theories about what happened between the original and X series. I edited a few fanfictions before joining TVTropes. Under the leadership of the good people there, I increased in status, as did my pals, but I took advantage of the struggle against Eddie, and I will say later how much I got from the movement. At the time of the Liberation I was working as a guy who yelled at people a lot on the original IJBM. Fighteer tried to buy me off by letting me pick a new name for "Nakama". I was tempted. I avoided banning and pretended to be nice. But afterwards my pals talked with me. They persuaded me to leave.

Bla bla bla...

After I took charge of moderation I became proud. I looked down on others. I made false reports. I behaved badly, read private messages, and beat people at Solitaire.

Everyone wanted me to serve the masses, but I only became more arrogant> I thought I had become an official, just like a mod on TVTropes. I could order anyone about. Because [redacted] was a jerk, I let loose on him and faced no consequences. I grafted five pairs of shoes. I stole a pair of pants. I struck @Tachyon when I found an argument about the letters in the "LGBT" initialism.

After I joined the mdoeration team, my thought became even worse. I thought I ahd found a place that could protect me and lead to higher positions, and I thought I could do anything. No one dared punish me, I thought. Every day I work hard. What for? If I don't spend social capital and live a little better, what is the use of working so hard?


  • is there any other kind?
  • kill living beings
    sure. maoism by corporate executives
  • having a rave up
    ...what does happen between the original and X series?
  • My dreams exceed my real life
    Dear internet maoists: shouldn't you be off trying to figure out how to melt down precious metals with a microwave?
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    kill living beings

    ...what does happen between the original and X series?

    Light makes X and seals him in a capsule for a million years to make sure his morality is working correctly by the end. Wily makes Zero and puts the Maverick Virus which makes robots attack humans in Zero, but Zero's unstable so Wily seals him too. Dr Cain finds X's capsule and makes androids and gynoids based on X's design, called "reploids". The Maverick Virus leaks* out of Zero's capsule and infects some reploids to make them attack people, so the humans form the "Maverick Hunters", reploids who attack the infected reploids, led by Sigma. Zero wakes and Sigma and the hunters realize he's the source of the virus, so they go attack im. Sigma gets infected and defects, while Zero si damaged and becomes less unstable. then the games happen.

    * computer viruses are basically like toxic sludge
  • having a rave up
  • More people have said that and been killed than there are thorium decay products.
    It can't be a million years because Dr. Light made Mega Man in 20XX and then Mega Man X was unleashed on the world in 21XX.
  • having a rave up
    well I think that might've been hyperbole

    I wanna know when Launch Octopus was born
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