My textbook referred to "Scooby Doo®"

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They left the hyphen out of his name to soil The Hanna-Barbera Legacy™


  • What the fuck is next? "Rosey the Robot"?
  • ® signs are so Content that I guess even remarking on how Content they are is too Content I guess
  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    textbooks have to respect trademark laws.  nothing amazing there
  • I know but it's so funny to look at and also there was no hyphen

    I'm pretty sure all of the trademarks H-B (who still exists on paper) has on "Scooby-Doo" have the hyphen in them
  • You are the end result of a “would you push the button” prompt where the prompt was “you have unlimited godlike powers but you appear to all and sundry to be an impetuous child” – Zero, 2022
    Trademark law is a tricky thing. Even though it may be registered with the hyphen, the trademark protection covers the non-hyphenated version too because it's simliar enough that someone would think HB owns anything "Scooby Doo" related
  • Don't trademarks have to be actively defended?  Would put even more of a chilling effect on others' mentions of them.
  • If you go to the supermarket I'm sure you'll see Scooby and the gang emblazoning plenty of processed food packages.

    Also, trademark holders can keep renewing their trademarks nowadays.
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