Collectors RP Deux

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A few decades ago, few people in the multiverse had ever traveled to another realm. It was common knowledge that other realms existed, but it was difficult to get the resources needed to just contact another world, let alone travel to one. However, forty years ago, a group of small, enigmatic companies emerged throughout the multiverse, offering services related to interdimensional travel. Some offered travel, some offered communication. Some even offered to wage war on other worlds with armies of mercenaries. The multiverse was forever changed.

Meanwhile, in the present day, company head and ex-mercenary Aroha Ironfist runs the Collecting Agency, a cross between a mercenary company, a bounty hunting outfit and an exploration unit. The Odd Jobbers of the multiverse, so to speak. She's just announced that she's accepting applications for a new squad from throughout the universe and you, for the lust of adventure or the lust for cash, want to join up.

It's sort of a grab bag of an RP. Get a goal and an environment, find a way to complete your mission. Probably using the Tavern Tales.


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