Gathering some Magics

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So I like Magic and so do other people here.

So here's a thread.

This was exciting.


  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit

    By which I mean, oops.
  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit
    But this one has a better title

    We could use this one if you want
  • We should use both


    So, um, how about that Predator Ooze.
  • Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast
    I play MtG

    Can I join this thread.
  • It's 4:20 somewhere.

    Dark Ascension spoilers look so awesome.
  • I agree, Gelzo, although of course everyone had go all Chicken Little at the existence of Grafdigger's Cage.

    I am liking:

    Predator Ooze: It's a huge indestructible blob that eats things and keeps getting better. And I love oozes.

    Falkenrath Aristocrat: A great card, and flavourfully everything I could ever ask for out of a vampire.

    Ravenous Demon: I get to sacrifice humans to a demon to appease it. Awesome.
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    It's 4:20 somewhere.
    One mana is insane for a sideboard hoser, but it's still a sideboard card.
  • I can't stand the conspiracy theorists bleating about how Wizards is deliberately trying to kill off their favourite decks. Talk about paranoid.

    I remember someone saying in the Innistrad spoiler season that the fact that Wizards goes ahead with something despite the fact it will obviously cause an uproar means that they've tested it thoroughly as opposed to all deciding to drink lead-based paint suddenly. It's the stuff that doesn't immediately cause "FUCK YOU WIZARDS" responses that always ends up being the stuff that's broken.
  • Compare that with Yu-Gi-Oh, which never seems playtested with obscure cards in mind.

    Almost every set introduces some Game Breaking combo with some random previously useless card.
  • It wouldn't really make sense for a graveyard-based set to not have a way of avoiding the opponent from using the graveyard, really. 
  • I mean, I don't really like the Cage at all. I think it's undercosted. But it's not going to cause the universe to spontaneously combust.
  • The thing is, it's just an artifact. Blowing up artifacts is way too easy. Especially after Scars of Mirrodin.

    And besides, it's supposed to be a first turn deal, in order to put your opponent on the clock and reducing their moves from the get-go, which seems to be a theme, considering Thalia.
  • (*Googles*)

    Oh gee, that's a pain.
  • Plus it's symmetrical - if you run it with any graveyard stuff, even the ubiquitous Snapcasters, you risk it backfiring.

    On another note, I am going to be perturbed if the next set introduces Dack Fayden but not Kiora or Zarek. Both of the latter two seem like awesome characters, whereas Fayden I took an immediate dislike to.
  • In YGO they have an almost identical card, which was released in a STARTER DECK. >.<
  • I played Yu-Gi-Oh. Even won a local tournament. But it has nothing on Magic.
  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit
    I like Fiend Hunter.

    He's a fun guy.
  • You mean at parties? Pfft. Everyone knows Olivia Voldaren throws the best shindigs on Innistrad. You'll be talking about them for years, provided you live.
  • I have to say, Yu-Gi-Oh has way more filler cards, and the learning curve is steeper.
  • You are the end result of a “would you push the button” prompt where the prompt was “you have unlimited godlike powers but you appear to all and sundry to be an impetuous child” – Zero, 2022
    I read that as "Friend Hunter" and immediately thought of Cupcakes!Pinkamena.
  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit
    But but Fiend Hunter

    I mean, I'll be in like a bad situation, in a back alley with some mugger or something

    and then BAMF. He saves my ass and I give him a hug and start flirting with my hero
  • You called?

    Oh god, "Get Ready To Die" by Andrew W.K. came on just as I was typing. XD XD

    YOU BETTER GET READY TO DIE!!!! (*Rocks Out*)
  • And thus Death reveals his criterion for evaluating cards: hotness.

    Heh, I can't talk; I wouldn't be so fond of Olivia if I didn't have a weakness for vampire women.
  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit
    I've been listening to it the entire time

    I love this fucking song
  • Also, the problem with your example is that if you ever together with Fiend Hunter, and you live the rest of your lives together, as soon as he dies the mugger will come out of exile and probably shank you.
  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit
    Well, I guess that depends on where he comes out of exile.

    If it's where he was exiled, then I'm okay. If it's where Fiend Hunter dies, I'm totally fucked.

    But if the mugger also ages while in exile, then I don't think he'll be in any shape to be mugging people.
  • Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast
    YGO was piss easy to learn.
  • I always imagined exile to be like limbo.

    Olivia would be a way better bodyguard. Of course, she'd then kill me herself, but you can't have it all.
  • It's 4:20 somewhere.
    I like the interpretation that exile sends everything to a farm somewhere, a la Swords to Plowshares.
  • It doesn't really, that's just what mages tells kids whose dogs got exiled.

    i get so angry sometimes i just punch plankton --Klinotaxis
    "What happened to It That Betrays, daddy?"

    " went to a FARM! He'll be much happier there! There lots of permanents for it to annihilate, other creatures for it to play with!"

    "Can we visit It That Betrays, sometime?"

  • It That Betrays should be legendary, given the name. Although I suppose "One Of Them That Betray" wouldn't have sounded very good.
  • It doesn't really, that's just what mages tells kids whose dogs got exiled.

    "Daddy, what happened to my Wuv Muffin?"
  • I like the flavour text of that card, although it implies that Otaria has muffins, which is weird.
  • Well, they presumably have bread, it's not that far to go to get muffins.

    Maybe Grim Lavamancer bakes them in his spare time.
  • "The earth's real treasure is far deeper. And more delicious."
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    It's 4:20 somewhere.
    "One That Betrays" might be closer to a non-legendary name that sounds good.

    "That Which Betrays"?
  • Can Eldrazi communicate with humans/elves/whatever?
  • It's 4:20 somewhere.
    Yes, but it generally involves brainwashing. Besides that, unraveling the local reality sends a pretty clear message of some sort, I imagine.
  • The closest I can think of is the suggestion in Perish the ThoughtInquisition of Kozilek and Suffer the Past that they have some sort of invasive telepathy.
  • I was just wondering how It That Betrays formed an allegiance to get the opportunity to be treacherous in the first place.

    Also, god MTG players are an entitled lot.

    i get so angry sometimes i just punch plankton --Klinotaxis
    There are members of the MTG community that would like to consider the foil versions of cards that come out of the pre-constructed decks tournament illegal for whatever reason (though I have some ideas).
  • What? Explain please.

    Man, is there anything that won't ruin Magic forever.
  • TUMUT CREW REPRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tumut
    ^^ Marrow-Gnawer.


  • Quick Question: Is there any Magic card generally considered to be the most useless?
  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit
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    Chimney Imp is actually pretty good with Shirei.

    [[ This card is pretty useless.]]

    EDIT: Damn, how do you pothole?
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