Forbes' Insoluble Dry Plates

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Ha! Ha!
I'm using them.


  • Do they survive temperatures at or exceeding within 634 miles of the sun
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    1. This page is one of the top search results for "forbes insoluble dry plates".

    2. Apparently someone found and bought the original painting of this man, in 2008, for $5, from a Goodwill auction in Louisville, Kentucky.

    3. The plates are photographic plates.

    4. Other high ranking search results include one citation of this in a thread on the 100% Orange Juice forum on Steam. Amazingly, I was not the person to cite this meme, nor did I even know about this thread until just now.

    5. Another top search result, for some reason, is the Wikipedia page on asphalt.
  • DOGS ARE key to the past
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