Forbes' Insoluble Dry Plates

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Ha! Ha!
I'm using them.


  • Do they survive temperatures at or exceeding within 634 miles of the sun
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    this picture has been ducked to the side
    1. This page is one of the top search results for "forbes insoluble dry plates".

    2. Apparently someone found and bought the original painting of this man, in 2008, for $5, from a Goodwill auction in Louisville, Kentucky.

    3. The plates are photographic plates.

    4. Other high ranking search results include one citation of this in a thread on the 100% Orange Juice forum on Steam. Amazingly, I was not the person to cite this meme, nor did I even know about this thread until just now.

    5. Another top search result, for some reason, is the Wikipedia page on asphalt.
  • DOGS ARE key to the past
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