Invitation, when it reaches your hands

Invitation, when it reaches your hands
Open up the dungeon, what is your desire?

There's no room for debate, so show me who'll be the ace
(Get Ready?) Shut it down, Now there's no turning back

The spiral of life continues without an end
Break through space-time and transcend
Until you use up everything you can expend

So do you want to rule? Or have diamonds?
Love & Peace? Any ambition
The world is as you want it to be
Come on! Got to go the next round
Now show me what you're made of!

For the moment of destiny, we're on standby
Each of us are holding our own drama
When you're shaken off, that's the sign, you're dropped out (Wow)

Doesn't matter if you get hurt, don't lay the blame
'Cause this game can't stop at anything
And so, ignite the burning desires in your heart (Go for the WIN!)

Lies and deceits, the tides and seas, are mine to read
Despite everybody betraying me,
I'll still keep my hopes and dreams and won't ever give it up
When you've won, and the dream becomes true,
Tell me, what is it that we can find?


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