Fuck it, Christmas party

Because I'm bored and festive and tbh deliberately making the choice not to do Christmas doesn't mean you should be locked out from doing Christmas quite fuqqing freankly and I don't give a shit if that doens't

Fuzzy pajamamamamamamamas WOOOO

some1 come paint some snowflakes on my right nails, my left hand is useless and I hate her


  • By Jove I wish I could clone myself, and I have wished this so many times but don't you just wanna be completely alone but also surrounded by people sometimes? Like you've had fun with actual people that you like and enjoy spending time with but are just slightly burnt out by them and just kind of want to do your own shit but also still enjoy company but also not have to worry about "fucking up"? Like just run around your home in just undies and screaming the lyrics to some dumb memepop song you wouldn't share with your friends and know for a fact that no one's going to judge you for it but like, maybe you wanna sing it with someone for once? And drink the eggnog right out of the fucking carton because fuck it, who's gonna care, not you yourself or u cuz they're just gonna grab the carton out of your hands and do the same damn thing? And like maybe lay your head on someone's lap cuz they're wearing super cute fuzzy Christmas pajamas and not have them automatically take it sexually but also have them not automatically rule out something sexual because maybe you wanna fuck around and maybe you don't and maybe you thought you didn't until you did or thought you did until you didn't? You ever just wanna luxuriate in the bath with a mug of hot cocoa and another you, also just luxuriating in the bath with a mug of hot cocoa, while listening to other you's scream the lyrics to some dumb memepop song and yelling at each other over spilled eggnog and just revel in the chaos because it's the only home you've ever known and you're tired of pretending to be normal for an entire fucking day?

    Is it narcissistic to just want to hang out with yourself for a whole day but like another copy of yourself so you don't have to be alone while also not having to put on a show for anyone else?

    ...Who wants more eggnog? :D
  • colder than a lemonade on the Fourth of July
    We have D.I.D. which is kind of like that.
  • D.I.D. scares me, not in a "ooh so scary" way but a "I wonder if I have this but don't want to self-diagnose and haven't talked to a mental health professional in years despite the fact that I probably should still be in therapy and I'm too lazy and stupid to want to ponder the implications of plurality as it could be applied to 'myself' as a concept" kind of way

    Also, wholeheartedly did not expect anyone to actually read that lmaooo
  • colder than a lemonade on the Fourth of July
    Well, we're techncially self-diagnosed, but I didn't want to just use the term "plural" because it's not something everyone knows. 

    That said, singlets don't generally have long conversations with themselves even if no one is watching, which is a scenario we have been in many times.
  • colder than a lemonade on the Fourth of July
    In any case, this isn't very festive.

    Imagine I've given you a candy cane or something to that effect.
  • Touch the cow. Do it now.
    *hands out candy canes to everyone*
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    Pizza Dog

    If the government found out you had more than one personality, they'd be like
    "Guess we should start giving you more taxes XD"

  • Touch the cow. Do it now.
    don't give them ideas pls
  • I now have two (2) whole candy canes

    This is the best Christmas of my life :,D

    *Stirs my hot cocoa with them and licks them until they're sharp enough to stab marshmallows with*
  • colder than a lemonade on the Fourth of July
    Hmmm, murder.
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    The most festive pastime!

    *Shurikens one of the candy canes at some rando*
  • the candy caning of sumner
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    oh shit now it's a fkn PARTY

    Sumner just makes me think of Gauntlet and now I'm imagining the great wizard getting the heroes to festively cane him, you should be ashamed, ashaaaaamed

    Gauntlet Dark Legacy Unlocking Sumner PS2 - YouTube
  • Imagine a hot tub

    But like


    *turns on the jets & makes a Santa beard with bubbles*
  • Chestnuts roasting on an open
    sopping wet
    (we dropped it in the pool oops)
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