twitter is dying


  • Two-thousand-zero-zero, party over, oops, outta time! Self-described narcissist and aspiring author with an imagination even I can’t contain. [she/her]
  • Touch the cow. Do it now.
  • Parade its corpse as a warning to others who dream of committing the same crimes.
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    now that i actually have finally posted the thread i wanted to post for weeks now

    join Mastodon, and rebuild social networks there

  • “I'm surprised. Those clothes… but, aren't you…?”
    I'm honestly pretty hesitant about Mastodon for a number of reasons, because it seems to be hard to find instances where the particular community and moderation practices and general vibe align in such a way as for me to feel entirely comfortable. Twitter did, and technically still does, encompass a wide array of different subcultures which do not necessarily overlap save for being on one shared network, and as someone who drifts at the periphery of a lot of different, at times incompatible social circles, that actually has a really strong appeal for me, whereas Mastodon strikes me as more like a bunch of little, very different websites with the same core structure, which is harder to keep track of.
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