Ideas for YouTube Poop videos

which i'll never make since i have yet to learn video editing outside of one experimental YTP that i made in WMM years ago and never uploaded


  • YouTube Poop: Games Done Slowly
  • Touch the cow. Do it now.
    ah, that sounds pleasingly blasphemous
  • YouTube Poop: Gebel Watches Too Much High School DxD
  • YTP: Frollo Pwns Mitt Romney At Doom
  • You are the end result of a “would you push the button” prompt where the prompt was “you have unlimited godlike powers but you appear to all and sundry to be an impetuous child” – Zero, 2022

    christ alive

  • Hank Hill's Accidental Necromancy Adventure

    Bobby is browsing the internet.  He browses TV Tropes to the trope page "Four is Death".  Cut to the familiar scene of the four main middle-aged men characters from the intro of King of the Hill are shown standing outside.  This image is paused for one second, and then excessive color-distorting visual effects are applied for several seconds while Creepy Bowser's Laugh from Hotel Mario plays and while "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana accompanies this scene.  Cut back to normal daily home life at the Hill residence, except that redeads from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time are edited into various scenes.

    Cut to a "commercial break", starting with the SpongeBob screen saying "we'll be right right back in" but edited to follow with Kaz Hirai saying "five hundred ninety nine" followed by SpongeBob saying "years" (originally "two thousand years").

    The commercial begins with an older woman asking "Where did I park my car?".  Cut to a panel from the Dinosaur Comics showing a dinosaur about to step on a car.  Cut to Billy Mays saying (via sentence-mixing) "Call 1-800-Wait Wait Don't Tell Me to get another Big City dinosaur absolutely free!"

    Cut to some character saying "m" in a clip used nine times.  Freeze and fade to black.

    Cut to the familiar song of the singing dinosaurs from the "yee" meme (i.e. the one sourced from the Italian version of the very bad movie Dinosaur Adventure by Dingo Pictures), except at the end, instead of the t-rex saying "yee", it says "talk to your doctor to see if yee is right for you.", with the rest of the words taken from some basically any drug ad.  Fade to black.

    Cut to some voice saying "And now, back to our show", except the words "back to our show" is accompanied by a picture of Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia in her "absorbing glyph" pose, showing off her backless dress.

    Cut to any scene of from King of the Hill involving charcters dancing, but zombie sprites from any Castlevania game(s) have been edited into the picture, turning left and right rhythmically, while the song "Monster Mash" plays, specifically the part where the lyrics go "the zombies were having fun".

    Then cut to two seconds of cutoff prevention, with the screen being a static image of the words "cutoff prevention" in white text against a black background that also has a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog.  The audio is Sonic saying "That's no good!".

    End video.
  • Mama Luigi leaves the fridge open

    Bruno Mars leaves the stove on

    Duke Nukem leaves the hair dryer on

    GabeN leaves the car running
  • YouTube Poop: Super Slacking Robot
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    YouTube Poop: Mario's Gay Gayllery

    [YTP] Mario's Gay Gal

    [YTP] Mario's Game!

    [YTP] Mallery's Gal

    [YTP] Garirayo, episode 1: Garirayo teaches astronomy

    [YTP] Mario's Mom

    [YTP] Vivio Takamachi exhales a zwitterion

    [YTP] Taylor SwiwS eats New YooY

    [YTP] Sea Movie
  • THis is a good thread.
  • [YTP] Alucard and Buffy go to White Castle
  • Marisa Stole the Worthless Trinket
  • Marisa Stole the Minisentry
  • [YTP] Carmen Sandiego Steals the Heart of the Cards
  • Touch the cow. Do it now.
    lucoa visits imicow's library
  • [YTP] One Piece is what all true warriors strive for
  • The sort of popcorn TV like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

    FYI someone already did this: 
  • [YTP] Kick Bubblegum and Chew Ass

    [YTP] Duke Nukem and the Legend of the Economy-Class Furries

    [YTP] Game of Jones

    [YTP] Sword Art Online: Conservative
  • [YTP] V is for VWenJetta
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