RAP Ferreira and the other members of his Ruby Yacht record label were out at sea,

they were scheduled to prefeorm a rare one of a lifetime kind event special on the deck of the SS HUGE VESSEL, a chartership rented out only to the most elite of powerful performers, musicians, and ass-kickers. LUPE Fiasco was also there, doing Lupe Fiasco things.

sadly , unfortunately, the concert had to be cnacelled and the ship recalled to shore....you may of course,

wonder why

and the answer is simple

it was simply


  • immune to splash damage
    "Although the title of the film is "Tentacoli" ("Tentacles"), and it is about a murderous giant octopus, octopuses do not have tentacles, they have arms."
  • My dreams exceed my real life
    " "Tentacle" is used as an umbrella term for cephalopod limbs; however, within a teuthological context, "arm" is used to refer to such limbs while "tentacle" is reserved for feeding appendages not found on octopuses."
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