Mcdonalds Propaganda at its best!

Mcdonalds Propaganda at its best!


I made an presumption that this game is funded by the global restaurant, Mc Donald’s. The game developer is by ''Virgin Games''. No kidding. At the intro of the game when you start it, you can see the trade mark which is ''McDonalds copyright 1991''. Anyways, I thought that was important to know because this is a McDonalds know. Perhaps an advertisement campaign. 


Yes, there is actually a story to this game. It is about these two small kids sitting near each other side by side and reading about this book. The scary looking clown, you know, Ronal Donald, lose his hamburgers because they're naughty and they ran away from him. It is your duty and job to find these missing ''burgers''. So the boy agreed to talk to the scary looking clown and this is how the game starts off. 

OMG! What the heck is this? What kind of story IS THIS? *tears of hair* At least they can concoct something more interesting to grasp the game’s attention. But a nihilist gamer like me is no fool and I know this is just another Mc Donald’s marketing campaign. 

Game Play 

You get to select which kid you would like to select. A white kid with a baseball cap, or a black kid with a cool afro. This is a Mario rip-off style game play because the character portion looks like Mario if you compare the two games. Anyways, you go around and collect these MC symbols. No killing bad guys, no determining bugs or even saving a princess. JUST COLLECTING COINS. This is just banal game play. What is even worst is that they rip-off Mario game play concept like I mentioned earlier. 

Sound / Music 

Oh... smooth music. Its like do ah do huh do ah do or something like that. The kind of music that you would find while shopping at the supermarket. The jumping and actually sound in the game is also resembles of mario. Why coincidence? I think not! 


In the end we know this is nothing more then a poor marketing scheme by McDonalds. This is basically tantamount to Coke Cola making a game where you go around and collect used pop cans. This game is utterly boring and banal, even watching the paint dry is more interesting then this game. It is a waste of money and I feel sorry for those people who actually brought this game for their kids. Well, bye for now! *goes off to buy some Mc Donald’s* 


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