Interesting page you have here. I literally searched you up to apologise for being a suspicious asshole to you earlier but i see that i no longer have to feel bad about that.

how efficient


  • I can all but hear the chimes
    They are long and loud and slow
    This is literally the best DM I've ever gotten
  • "Ha! Yeah, I've been called a lot of things. . .I've never met someone like you before though, and you intrigue me. So very. Very much. . .Wanna try dying?"
    And the other day I got a 22 paragraph (I counted) rant about how my review of FLCL Alternative was wrong. Been a week for weird DMs haznit
  • My dreams exceed my real life
    I have never gotten a DM
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    edit: no wait, Twitter

    i have not yet reached Level 3 in Twitter User and thus am unfortunately not subject to public backlash to my shitposting yet
  • That doesn't sound very unfortunate.
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