Does your bathroom have a window?

Because I'm curious.

Mine has one. It's in the shower.


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    no, though my previous apartment's did
  • mine doesn't 'cause it's tucked within the house
  • BeeBee
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    My last apartment had a window at the shower.  At eye level.  I don't think it was even frosted, and it had trouble closing all the way.

    I kept that shit covered 24/7.
  • SF_Sorrow said:

    mine doesn't 'cause it's tucked within the house

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    My parents' shower has a window at eye level, which admittedly I kinda like. It's nice to be able to open it and look out into the backyard while you're showering.

    The window in my shower here is higher than that, meaning it's good for getting breezes in on hot days, but I can't actually see out of it.
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    Yep. A tiny one, behind the sink.
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    The one upstairs does. The one downstairs does not.
  • A window in the shower is not something I have ever heard of.

    Current apartment: no. On one hand I almost wish it did given that the ventilation is not great in here, but on the other hand, the layout is such that it would have to be in the shower if there was one, which doesn't seem like a great idea in a basement apartment.

    Place I lived before: no, because it was attached at both sides and for some reason the cowards who built those houses didn't want to put windows between neighbouring bathrooms.

    Mom's house: yes, in both bathrooms. The second floor one, where the shower is, is definitely something the neighbours could see into if they wanted, so I always feel like I have to do my changing at the other end of the room.

    Dad's house: there's one in the second-floor bathroom, not in the basement one.

    House I grew up in: two out of three bathrooms have one. The third was put in much later (i.e. during my life) and is basically a large closet with a sink and toilet, so no surprise that there isn't one there.
  • In floorplans where the shower adjoins the outer wall, it's not too uncommon, especially if the bathroom has a long, linear arrangement.
  • It's one of those things that's less creepy in theory than practice.  Having a bit of natural light while you're showering and waking up is nice.

    But for God's sake.  Make it a small window, frost the glass, and elevate it a bit above eye level so people can't just look in at you.
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    The glass on mine isn't frosted, but it's high enough on the wall that it kind of doesn't matter since you'd have to stand on a chair or something to actually look in from outside.

    My parents' shower window is at eye level, which I can get being creeped out by, though it doesn't bother me much in practice since it just looks out onto the backyard, which is surrounded by enough trees that you have a decent amount of privacy unless someone is actually in the yard while you're showering.
  • vtkvtk
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    My ideal bathroom would have a bathtub big enough I could submerge my whole body in it, with a shower head or two, a sliding glass door on one side, and a big picture window to the back yard on the other side. Maybe frost the glass below navel height.

    My current bathrooms have no windows, and the shower curtain is quite dark.
    Neither of my house's bathrooms have windows, since the house was built at a time after they were required (you could substitute a fan instead).
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    This house was built in 1959 and the bathroom has no fan.
  • My apartment bathroom has a fan but, uh, I don't think it works very well.
  • vtkvtk
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    The fans in both of our bathrooms are broken.
  • I have lived a full life, even though I remember little of it.
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