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Alright, I’ve had these Vision books laying around for like a year and a half now.

It’s time I read them, and I thought I’d liveblog them.

I hope that you enjoy.


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    All I really know about The Vision is that he’s a robot and is in love with the Scarlet Witch, so keep that in mind.

    Anyway, we begin with him in Virginia (he works for the government in this story) with a family (a wife, a son, and a daughter) that are all red robots like him.

    A couple comes by to their house, and he shows them a bunch of accoutrements from his time on The Avengers. They seem confused by this family. The text then states that one of the Visions will later set their house on fire, killing them in the process.

    The Vision and his wife then debate the difference between “kind” and “nice”.

    Their children, like them, are superpowered, and show off their powers for the neighbours. The neighbours treat the family as a sort of novelty.

    The children go to high school upon the Vision’s insistence, so that they may learn how to be creative and function like human beings.

    A girl flashes her computer, with R U NORMAL? written on the screen, at the son. He seems baffled by this.

    The Vision wakes up in the middle of the night and starts fretting over his wife, questioning if he really loves her.

    The Grim Reaper comes in and starts attacking the mother and children while she is reviewing their school work, calling them fake. He apparently has some relation to them?

    The mother then attacks and accidentally kills him.

    ... Yeah, I gotta say this isn’t really clicking with me so far, probably in part because I don’t really have the proper context for it. I’ll press on, and see if my opinion improves.
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    The mother lies to The Vision and says that she didn’t kill The Grim Reaper. Instead, she says that she fought him off then blasted a laser at him to scare him off. Seems like Wonder Man is his brother, and his brainwaves were used in The Vision’s creation.

    The son is upset at how hurt his sister was by The Grim Reaper. Meanwhile, her science lab partner asks for her number so they can work out the assignment and then he starts heckling him. The son responds to this by choking him out, which requires the Visions to come in to the principal’s office.

    He tells them that he doesn’t like the Vision kids being at school, and compares them to guns. This angers both mother and father, and the father comments on how many times he’s saved the world. The principal backs off. He clearly looks annoyed. The text then mentions that the principal will rue this later on, and contemplate what might’ve happened if he had stuck to his original position.

    The mother then opens the mail to see a phone. She is instructed to play the video on it, which portrays her burying The Grim Reaper.

    I’m a little more intrigued now, but still not really sure that this is my thing.
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    Kids just graffiti’d “GO HOME SOCKET LOVERS” on the Visions’ garage... and I think I’m done. I’m gonna keep reading, but that kind of metaphor doesn’t really work with me anymore.

    Anyway, the mother gets angry and smashes one of the kids on the garage door.

    There’s then something about some sort of flower the Scarlet Witch gifted The Vision... and I’m coming to the conclusion that I don’t care about any of this.

    The Vision then revived his daughter by some sort of nerve linking thing that really hurt him. Iron Man was there.

    The old lady I don’t care about then did something to some cat, and they get flowers by killing them?

    Robot sex then ensures.

    The old lady then eats the cat’s stomach and dies.
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    ... Are they doing a Lucy/Charlie Brown thing? Wow.

    Anyway, the mother gets a call about The Grim Reaper thing, while The Vision throws a football around with the children. This is actually kinda reminiscent of Kira from Jojo’s.

    The children go back to school, and I’ll enclose an image here to represent the metaphors that are at play here:


    Anyway, the daughter and guy from earlier talk, and he seems to think that the reactions of the other people are overblown.

    The Vision struggles to balance his work and home life.

    The mother meets with the person that recorded the video, who turns out to be the father of that guy the son choked. He tries to get the family to leave, and then they end up in a confrontation and he shoots his son.
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    They’re quoting the Shylock speech from The Merchant of Venus. Jesus fucking Christ.

    A detective talks to The Vision while melodrama kicks in.

    While he’s talking to him, they detail the incidents in which The Vision saved the world.

    He lies to the detective then goes home to his shaken wife.
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    Alright, handling a bunch of issues in one post:

    They’re talking about P vs. NP and how it’s a metaphor for something while a dog digs up the Grim Reaper’s body, and my eyes are just blazing over. I don’t know if I was being unfair with my earlier posts (need to read up on things and talk with Yarrun after I’m done), but I do know this kind of writing is not my thing.

    Anyway, the dog gets electrocuted and The Vision does something with his brain and now the dog is like them.

    Onto the next issue, and... I actually chuckled at this. Well played.

    Anyway, the relationship between The Vision and the Scarlet Witch fell apart for reasons I don’t entirely understand since I’m not hip on Marvel continuity, and she gave him her brain patterns to make a wife for himself.

    The issue after that talks about some other character I struggle to care about. He interacts with the family that he is apparently related to, and there’s a Roy Litchenstein reference. I just don’t think this is my kind of narrative.

    This character was assigned by The Avengers to spy on The Vision and his family, and ended up killing his son somehow.

    I’ll get to the last three issues after I eat.
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    Alright, let’s finish this up.

    The Visions are under house arrest.

    The daughter and father prey for their lost brother/son, and I have to say that I actually like this bit.

    The Vision then talks to his wife about Captain America’s lighter, which is something that was gifted to him by him.

    He then plays a recording of his son reading Shakespeare from his eye.

    He uses the lighter to destroy the force field imprisoning him (it was made from the same vibranium as his shield) then goes after The Avengers.

    ... I actually kinda liked this issue, huh. I guess I’ll see how it ends.
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    Nice Omega the Unknown reference.

    Anyway, The Vision and Virginia (the mother’s name) both lose their shit in this issue. Virginia loses hers because she tried to tell her daughter about the death of that boy, and then she got upset.

    The Scarlet Witch tries to come to stop him, to no avail.

    Virginia comes and kills the person The Vision was after, however.

    It then turns out that Virginia reprogrammed him to do this, because of course at the end he still has to Fundamentally Be A Good Person for the status quo to stick.

    She then kills herself by drinking some mystic water, leaving only The Vision and his daughter.

    Well, by the end, I started getting this story, but I just don’t think this is my kind of narrative. Oh well, now I know not to read further into modern superhero stories, and to focus on other things instead.

    ... This thread was kinda anticlimatic, wasn’t it? Oh well.
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