How NOT to sign work zone speed limits

I don't use the term "speed trap" lightly, but look at how little distance there is between the last "speed limit 55" sign and the first "speed limit 45" sign.


  • several unorthodox choices
    They should have covered up the 55 sign between the 45 ahead and the 45 sign.

    also is it just me or should the red car back off
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    Incidentally, I was going 55 for most of that and the state trooper behind me (who can be seen passing me at 0:54) didn't seem to care.
  • This...looks very normal.  It gave you about a quarter mile between the "speed 45 ahead" and when it actually turned into that.
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    I wouldn't think anything of that if not for the fact that there's a 55 sign in between them.

    Let's pretend I was someone who doesn't drive this stretch every day. I would see the "45 mph ahead" sign and start slowing down. Then I would see the 55 sign and be like "oh, whatever" and start speeding back up...only to have just a few seconds pass before I get to the 45 sign.
  • Eh.  At least you're not going through TV Highway here.  We had a stretch of roadwork where they didn't cover the normal street sign at all in the middle of the low-speed zone, then speedtrapped people for the work limit.
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