Now that you're here, 1. why are you here 2. why do you think it is that you're still single / not married yet / still childless / still grandchildless 3. will I ever achieve peace in my mortal life and 4. want some gum?


  • Touch the cow. Do it now.
    1. because I'm trapped by a forcefield
    2. because no one wants a bluesy cowgirl
    3. nope
    4. I don't chew gum
  • extremely not so but maybe just a tad yes
    1. give me somewhere better to be and I'll go there instead
    2. my anxiety-addled brain is convinced that I'm undesirable
    3. sure, define "peace" in such a way that fits the parameters of your life and experience
    4. I'll trade you for some throat lozenges
  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    1. because it's a nice place away from all the bullshit
    2. we're not ready to adopt yet
    3. *shakes 8 ball* seems doubtful
    4. sure
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