Why is the Disney Princess line so popular?

I get that there are a paucity of female-centric big-name merchandising licenses, but like, airbrushed cartoon characters? A post-hoc corporate invention of a "universe" that basically has to be forced to make any narrative sense? (Then again with the magic of toys anything can make sense)


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    mind control project operated by OSS holdouts in an antarctic bunker to reestablish feudalism permanently, thus preventing communism forever
  • people like disney
    people like princesses
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    Marketers can sell anything.
  • Fun fact: branding guidelines state that when depicted together the princesses cannot be looking at/acknowledging one another, because they aren't characters that exist in the same universe
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    Somehow, I had never consciously noticed that before

    Like, jesus, no wonder it rubs me the wrong way
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    That actually extends to Kingdom Hearts, too, despite it being a massive Disney crossover. They mostly get around it by never having the princesses in the same place at once, and having the (pretty reasonable, all things considered) in-story rule that you never ever tell someone that other worlds exist unless they already found out somehow.
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    That sounds kinda no-fun

    But what do I know, I'm the one grappling with how to integrate the WB, H-B, and Jay Ward verses, all because one of them feels like a world where a certain real-life event didn't happen
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