Beyond Cameraland - A Drink The Moon Story - Discussion

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For discussing the game. First post first served. I will try to integrate overlapping commands into the same response post but there's only so much I can do.

Brief Q&A:

What is this?

Yet another CYOA. Hopefully this one will finish.

Why are some words in various colors?

Color-coding certain environmental affects can create connections between seemingly disconnected and arbitrary statements. Also: the aesthetic.

How do we play?

All posts by the GM (me) will end in either >Command? or >Decide., for the former, you may type any response you like within reason. For the latter, you will be given a list of possible responses. The latter are more rare, and even more rarely, you will have a >Decide that is not actually a choice at all.

What commands should we use? 

You may try anything you like within the realm of reason. If you're stuck, try basic adventure game commands.

Is this written on the fly or planned out?

75%/25% or thereabouts.

What's the connection to Drink The Moon?

What indeed.

Do you enjoy being pointlessly cryptic?

Serial Experiments Lain is one of my favorite TV shows. You tell me.


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