Indie Bazaar

uh yeah!

Indie Bazaar is my new youtube show where I take a look at a new indie game once a week. I uploaded the first episode today.



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    several unorthodox choices
    The audio is working fine and the music is indeed quite enjoyable. :)

    I was curious what would happen if both your numbers lined up and it seems everything just lights up.

    Now I'm curious to play this game.  Thanks for making a video of it :)

    also lol strawberry cream colors
  • you're welcome

    and yeah lighting up both numbers is how you make the tiles clear-able
  • several unorthodox choices
    i was wondering what happened if you put, like, an 8-3 and a 7-4 next to each other
    and the result is as i expected, it'd be a closed loop and both tiles would be lit up

    now i wonder what happens if you put, say, a 4 next two two unlit 5s
    it probably lights both up? dunno
  • if it's a 4/4 next to a 5/5 they both light up, if it's like a 2/4 and a 5/5 only the second number lights up
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    several unorthodox choices
    what if you put a 2/4 so that the 4 adjoins a 5/9 and a 5/7 in a little nook that they make with their two 5s?

    edit y'knopw i should just download the darn thing and play it to find out haha
  • yes
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    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
    This game looks really good!

    I think I'm going to enjoy this series. :)
  • what up I forgot I made a thread for these

    here's this week's regular episode

    and a special episode on Yume Nikki, which is part of a sub-series that will be produced irregularly. Probably around once or twice a month or so.

  • Yo Jane sorry I haven't been responding to these as I've been meaning to. School's kind of been swamping me. =~= But I wanted to let you know that they are a priority - alongside your Cuphead stuff, though that's harder to slot into my times.
  • well I don't really mind when people watch, it's all fine
  • several unorthodox choices
    oh there's another episode too
  • HELL from last week yes
  • several unorthodox choices
    I just 100%'d Shrubnaut.

    Thanks for showing me this game!
  • I just 100%'d Shrubnaut.

    Thanks for showing me this game!

    thumbs up emoji
  • I keep forgetting to post these

  • I have cut a caper with the dancing mad god
    Whoa, that's a nifty little game. I like the rules mechanics quite a bit. 
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