the book of Genesis

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now you listen you might thing that because the united states and in truth THE WORLD id in some dire times tat I can not or have slost my ability to conjure a good nosnesnic filled wonderpost type of postatorian. U listen to me. ouy are rong about this. I am god-tier when it comes to the wonderpoisn. I invetned this shot pokay? okay now. I twas really genesis p origde, our mascot and guru, but in truth. It MOSTLY was me.

here on the heapostz hanagaot we now have new members like camilla and mansutoa and they are good folks and nmay not recognize the BASED NSES that is qruies to litesn to and create these threads in due order. but believe me before long everyone in the whole wide world will be WONDERFUL and we also have recenly ty recen and resdi and rediscovered these katawa shoujo memes.....which we date to approximately....2012


fucking vintatege

these will allow is to more easily conquer neaw worlds, new horizons. New zero dawns. New cosmonauts. NEW PSYCHONAUTS CONFIRMED FOR 2022. Buy it now.


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