the book of Genesis

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now you listen you might thing that because the united states and in truth THE WORLD id in some dire times tat I can not or have slost my ability to conjure a good nosnesnic filled wonderpost type of postatorian. U listen to me. ouy are rong about this. I am god-tier when it comes to the wonderpoisn. I invetned this shot pokay? okay now. I twas really genesis p origde, our mascot and guru, but in truth. It MOSTLY was me.

here on the heapostz hanagaot we now have new members like camilla and mansutoa and they are good folks and nmay not recognize the BASED NSES that is qruies to litesn to and create these threads in due order. but believe me before long everyone in the whole wide world will be WONDERFUL and we also have recenly ty recen and resdi and rediscovered these katawa shoujo memes.....which we date to approximately....2012


fucking vintatege

these will allow is to more easily conquer neaw worlds, new horizons. New zero dawns. New cosmonauts. NEW PSYCHONAUTS CONFIRMED FOR 2022. Buy it now.


  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
    "everything I post is very important"


    "what is it chef"

    aren't we only suposed to be in....that csentral avenuwah lady's postsls

    "well id on't know chef i am a fucking FICTIONAL CHARACTER whow would i know that

    oh look, hannah and barbarian and the late rapperist Two Pack shaker is here

    "what's going on guys" saids tupack as he opens fire with his nerf minigun launcher

    "WHAT" the fuck says sheck as he runs for cover behind hanananah and barborian as they proceed to defensively make out and realign their bobs.

    HELO IT IS I water man. I am here to tell you that this was a fiction story and no one was harmed by 2packsz use of a reckless machingnan.

    i have never even SEEN lotte witch academoi
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
    PART 8

    and then naney comes in and asys

    "best thread in weeks'

    and then we all go out for a pizza party because sometimes life is  jam in that way. Woudln't your ather jam on your life than jdam to death

    yes but sometimes whooter man. Life is just not that nice anymore. The apocalyptic hallfire that rains above falls for us all and calls our names out in gurgling blood and deep unsettling upsetting typograpies

    but somepsts

    you gotta jam that life anyway. "Reach for the stars" I said, pulling out my skull-decorated colt 45 p walter f50 super magnumgun. "This shitposts stops here." But the shit post DIDN'T stop here, because it was NOT a shitpost. But a W O N D E R P O S T, the lost art of deep atlantis and the fallen and gone-away lands known as M U

    we will now educate you on mu, I said, abandoning quotation marks for the safety and convenience of youtube embeddings

    and that is how you ALL BOUND FOR MUMULAND. 

    Yes, that's very true. But even now as the apocalypse spirals in and centers upon us, I ask that we hold our brothers' and sisters' hands in peace and sing together in harmonious love and knowledge. Wonder wonder wonder. Nonsense is good, the wise man said as he bowed his head solemnly and spoke. While you were whittling away your life making stupid memes, joining nazi organizations and fashioning "relateable" posts that are actually an excuse to foist your depression onto someone else so you could feel better for a moment in time. I! I said the wise man! I have meditated under this waterfall and cried into a shaman's arms, but the truth is that actually by detaching myself from this reality, I have created my own. Mine is the world of Gensoukyou, as thine is the kingdom. Drink the wine of nonsense, for nonsense is good. Abandon your religion! I shouted from the top of the cathedral--change your gender! I stormed into a gay rights meeting. Nonsense is good! And thus sayeth not the lord, but Genesis and the ground and the soil and the water and the frogs and the lilypads and insects and bubbling brooks that babble Antonuccian secrets onto us still. Automatic writing is the future, the past, and everything in between baby.

    I handed you the remains of this society, already post apocalyptic it's true--2012 was our expiry date, we live only on borrowed time now--and I ask, beg of you. "Fashion for me!" I beg. "Something to send my prayers to!" The tears of a thousand lost fandoms stream down my face. Hachi MV weeps at a synthesizer somewhere off to the left, comforted by the ghost of Hatsune Miku, Chef and Waiterman kick around nearby, no one to talk to but themselves any more. A gaggle of cartoon horses chat amongst themselves, concerned. Dipper, Mabel, The Stans, and Bill Cipher play a game of cards somewhere else, the old demon too tired to even try to cheat anymore--of course he does anyway. 

    This is what we have wrought, our postmodern ennui. Send a light to the gods of the old world and embrace yourself, the temple of the subconscious mind. "Nonsense." You repeat to me. "Is Good." The visage of Genesis P. Orridge flashes in our minds collectively as we remember. "Nonsense." We say in unison. "Is Good."
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    I love everything about this thread
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
    Viani said:




    I didn't get RIN for the longest time until you explained her side and I was like OHHHHHHHHH


    So I made you a Woo Rin

    thank you
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
    the christian in Christian Dior
    damn they don't make 'em like this anymore.
  • imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch
    godtier wonderpoison
  • kill living beings
    i don't have my rin screencap on this computer

  • Eternity is a child playing, playing checkers; the kingdom belongs to a child.
    The Book of Genesis

    For the Sega Genesis

    With Music by Genesis


    ILMCD/Pixar used used VAXen and PDP-11s to make their early stuff. The PDP-11 was about on par with a 286, and the VAX was about on par with an early 386 or 68030, so I have to wonder what the render times were like.
  • about how long it takes to form a planet, no doubt
  • I had that
  • And every game had it.  EVERY ONE.
  • Yeah, it was great how game manuals back then always started by explaining in detail how to put the cartridge in the console, etc.
  • The Prettiest Chronically Sheep Deprived Pony
    I remember the manuals (really just jewel case booklets) that came with PlayStation 1 games always had a diagram of the controller and such. If you had a particularly old game, it even showed the original controller with no analog sticks.
  • image

    clearly we are idiots
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
  • please me, whoa yeah, like I please yoooouuuu
  • Very Concerned Gay Lion
  • BeeBee
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    Fun fact: the Sega voice at the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog was a significant fraction of the entire cartridge memory.
  • and it was taken from an old Master System commercial
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
    what the hell was this
  • a thread that went places
  • Bereishit
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
    I have very little memory of writing most of this
  • oh no! look at who they let in the front door
    I forgot about this thread
  • it was a good thread
  • TreTre
    Jane said:

    r neaw worlds, new horizons. New zero dawns.

    new forzas
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