a 27 page wonderpost from....the Pepsi Corporation

I really cannot emphasize how genuinely ridiculous this document--which appears to be a pitch for the redesigned logo they eventually adopted--is. Within the first few pages alone you have a graph arbitarily labeled "DNA" with a line pointing to the Pepsi logo, at one point the Pepsi logo is compared to "sacred hindu numerology"(?!?!?!), and then on another page, we're given this:

"The Pepsi ethos has evolved over time. The vocabulary of truth and simplicity is a reoccurring phenomena
in the brand’s history. It communicates the brand in a timeless manner and with an expression of clarity. Pepsi
BREATHTAKING builds on this knowledge. True innovation always begins by investigating the historic path.
Going back-to-the-roots moves the brand forward as it changes the trajectory of the future. "


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