There's a girl with a crown and a scepter who's on WLSD...

...and she says that the scene isn't what it's been and she's thinking of going home.

(I seem to be on a TMBG kick)


  • but they might not be
  • Whores! we want "poems that kill."
    Assassin poems, Poems that shoot
    guns. Poems that wrestle cops into alleys
    and take their weapons leaving them dead
    I remember telling you about that song, like, 5 years ago when I was on my TMBG kick and going 'this is just the most Anonymous Avenue thing'
  • Sittin' in my box, at the edge of town, rockin' away.
    for some reason this reminded me of stairway to heaven
  • you've completely ruined an ambiguously canon timeline for no reason
    and she's buying a stairway to Centralia
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