The Windows 7 update that killed a huge chunk of the world's population

🐺 Alice Rae 🐺 - Today at 6:01 PM
what would happen if there was a faulty Windows 7 update that accidentally killed everyone in the world who had ever seen a picture of an Overwatch character
🐦Ali🐦 - Today at 6:02 PM
rip me
🐙 Jane 🐙 - Today at 6:02 PM
that would be bad
🐍Cerise🐍 - Today at 6:03 PM
based on Blizzard's ad campaigns
I'd say that would kill about 33% of the US population alone
🐺 Alice Rae 🐺 - Today at 6:03 PM
🐍Cerise🐍 - Today at 6:04 PM
a disproportionate number of those people would be students and programmers
computer literacy would drop drastically overnight
🐺 Alice Rae 🐺 - Today at 6:05 PM
this scenario is somehow even worse than I'd imagined
🐍Cerise🐍 - Today at 6:07 PM
Then there would be the artists
I imagine that a fair number of animators have looked at Blizzard's work(edited)
most of Stockholm's population would be killed
there was a digital billboard featuring overwatch in Stureplan for two weeks, nonstop
🐺 Alice Rae 🐺 - Today at 6:09 PM
🐍Cerise🐍 - Today at 6:10 PM
finally, everyone who worked in a retail store that sells video games during May 2016 until today would die
🐦Ali🐦 - Today at 6:11 PM
hashtag nice
🐺 Alice Rae 🐺 - Today at 6:11 PM
What I'm getting out of this is that Microsoft should try their hardest not to kill people, lest it have disastrous results
🐍Cerise🐍 - Today at 6:12 PM
yeah pretty much


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