2 cents on MCU

I think that a lot of the "flaws" the MCU has can actually be explained by people judging it by standards commonly associated with most movies. Which is fair, but MCU movies are not most movies. They're trying something completely different, something which twenty or even ten years ago would be completely implausible.

The thing I love the most about the MCU is that it is insanely ambitious. It's not a movie series or a franchise as it is commonly understood - it's not like the Die Hard or Star Wars franchise at all. It's a big continuity consisting of so many franchises and so many running threads that all tie in to something bigger. I cannot stress enough how hard making something like this is. Everyone has to be on the same page at every turn, because there's no taking back any continuity errors (unlike in comic books).

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, let's take the Netflix show Daredevil and turn it into a trilogy. The first movie is the Russian brothers, the second is Nobu/Gao and the third is Fisk/Owl/Wesley. The problem with structuring things like this - with one continuous plot containing multiple storylines - is that there's so much shit to be resolved that things either get resolved in half-assed ways or not at all. You want a good standalone movie, but you also want a good sequel movie, but you also want to tie into the larger plot, but you also this and that and so many things get cut in the middle. 

The end product is something that can't stand on its own two feet in a vacuum and only makes sense when taken into context. Returning to our example, we'll probably have to cut most of Nelson's and Page's screen-time as well as end movie 1 with setup for movie 3, among other things. Overall, you have three very poor products that can't stand by themselves well and only really work with all three taken into context.

tl;dr MCU has inherent pacing issues based on how the entire project is structured


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