Circuit Y? Why certainly! (no one will ever get this)


2018-06-04 19:15:47
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  • Circuit Y? Why certainly! (no one will ever get this)
    2021-03-11 00:43:22
  • Two trucks having sex
    2020-01-08 22:18:51
    • Imipolex G
      Imipolex G
      two sexes having trucks
      2020-01-16 01:38:21
  • In case you don't know me, I'm...

    a. not a furry anymore
    b. embarrassed of myself in 2018 too before August/September
    c. Cyborg.

    All three, btw.
    2019-04-13 19:30:52
    • Imipolex G
      Imipolex G
      cool, a cyborg
      2019-04-14 18:40:37
    • Rash
      Cyborg from DC Comics. He's my avatar.
      2020-01-08 22:18:28
  • Rash joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    2018-06-05 03:07:48
    • Tachyon
      Ah, new person! Hello!
      2018-06-05 08:50:38
    • Rash
      Hi, I'm actually RashandFierce/hijhiysonikku and I apologize if I caused you all that trouble from 2014-2017. I was 11 when I was hij and I'm actually ashamed of that page now; I wrote it at like 1 in the morning and I was indeed a lunatic then. When I got myself banned as RaF I was pretty close to being a lunatic again as Adult Swim's late night anime block had corrupted my mind to the point of being beyond reason (I had never heard anything like that voice before, only now do I realize I'd heard something like it before, and that is SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG) and I can't believe I'd add that to pages about kids' shows the guy just so happened to voice characters on. Just because the characters are voiced by him don't mean they're sexy, the lead characters will develop a crush on them, nor will little girls become furries if the characters are animals (I am a furry, but back then I actually DIDN'T want to become a furry; I believe I hated furries too. You can think Infinite and Shadow for teaching me it's OK to be a furry, and it's part of life you have to deal with. I don't go to cons, wear fursuits, nor believe in any of the yiff stuff.) I recently remembered I added to an entry about a pseudo sexual harassment message on one of those shows something like "and even worse it's the character voiced by him." I don't even like that actor anymore. One of the shows had the character voiced by him return, and I honestly believe all the TV Tropes staff who watch that show thought of me when he showed up. Another thing, I'm a 15 year old girl and my apology you thought was malarkey, when it wasn't. Please don't ban me here. I want to stay. I can handle this now.
      2018-06-06 20:06:30
    • Tachyon
      mate i never even visited tvt in 2017 and i absolutely don't care about . . . whatever that was

      i don't think we ever spoke on tvt (there might have been a short window in 2014 when we were both on the site at the same time?) but if so it's water under the bridge so far as i'm concerned

      also i'm not a mod and couldn't ban you if i wanted to
      2018-06-06 23:17:59

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