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Real Name ------n --------e
Title Hatlord Hatted Behatter
Date of Birth January 1, 1970
Biography Hatched with a hat on a day that is equal to my height, if Months are feet and Days are yards, I was greeted at my hatching by my very loving family. They've not abandoned me since.

Eventually, I learned to read, and have been reading books ever since. My favorite dictionary is Merriam-Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, Ninth Edition. It's simply brilliant.

My best friend is Yarrunmace.

My worst enemy is Almond Ice Cream.

Jan I, 1900 is not my actual hatchday.
Still wearing the same jacket I wore in Kindergarten.

Still haven't won an argument.

Also, as Inhopeless Guy said,

I like Shi, He's a really sweet guy,

The nicest right-winger I've ever met,

And he's got cool humour, I bet,

Always game for a good ol'

And a history nerd too,

I find that cool.

Ergo, Shi is really smart,

Nothing can change that part,

Shi is amazing, and really awesome,

There's Shi, and then there's some.

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