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Date of Birth February 12, 1992
Biography Though I have not been on this forum for as long as most of the other regulars, I was one of the early contributors to the thread that spawned it. Maybe that means something. I honestly do not know.

More generally: I am a writer and a musician when I am so inclined, but I am nothing in particular more often than I should like to be. I enjoy strange things, be they eerie, trippy, or simply out of left field. I do not seek meaning, but purpose, and revel in the happiness and confusion of others. I talk too much about myself, but am more than willing to listen if permitted.

A brief list of things you may see me showing an unhealthy fixation on:
- Esoteric music of various genres and styles.
- Short horror fiction of a literary or experimental slant.
- Surreal animation from Japan and Europe.
- Interesting and colourful fabric patterns.
- Weird art, particularly Surrealist and Conceptual works.
- Curious comics, both on and off the Internet.

I am called JHM elsewhere, among other things; I used to be called that here, too, but not so much anymore.

P.S. If my current username were entirely accurate, I would be a large and vicious polecat-ferret. I would prefer not to disclose exactly how apt this actually is.
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