Dame Adorabelle's Academy for the Magically Gifted and Talented (2017)

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A Centralia AU of sorts...The “Dame Adorabelle's” universe features most of the same characters as normal Centralia, but as middle- and high-schoolers attending a boarding school in the small town of Havensborough.


  • Princess Alice – Me, of course. The 13-year-old monarch of the Principality of Centralia, sent to a boarding school to hone her magical abilities. Leads a clique known as the "Band of Brats" who cause all sorts of trouble around the academy.
  • Anonus – The Princess's best friend and confidant.
  • Tiny Jane – A young but adept witch who enjoys pulling pranks on her fellow students.
  • Imicow – An older student who enjoys rock music and boobs.
  • Ash Upquark – A friend of the Princess, though decidedly not one of her fellow Brats. Takes school and its rules very seriously.
  • Miss Alisha – A student teacher at the school, dorm mother of Princess Alice's dormitory, and perhaps more importantly, the only grown-up the Princess trusts. Is secretly an avatar of The Handler.

...but of course, if you want a part in this, you can join us too!


  • The moonlight is the message of love.

    From the diary of Adorabelle Wallace

    8 April 1932

    Although it's been nearly 3 years since I formally retired from the Academy, I do still visit frequently, in part because I continue to maintain a private laboratory there. In the interest of privacy, I have taken some...unconventional steps to hide my laboratory's entrance. It's not exactly inconspicuous, but I doubt most people who pass by it are aware of what they're looking at.

    19 January 1944

    I've been experimenting with memory spells as of late. It hasn't quite worked out. This morning I was unable to remember where I'd placed this very diary! I turned my study inside out searching for it, though I was eventually successful.

    Given that my memory experiments are far from complete, I feel it prudent to commit certain secrets to writing, lest I lose them permanently. I shall start with the location of my laboratory: Although the administrative building does not "officially" have a basement, there is indeed a lower level beneath the main structure. However, this cellar—my laboratory—is not accessible from the building's main floor, but rather, must be accessed through [Editor's note: the remainder of this page has been blacked out, presumably by Dame Adorabelle herself after completing her memory experiments.]

    16 May 1966

    Well, the time has finally come to leave the school I've founded behind. We've come a long way from the small private school I established 96 years ago to the sprawling academic campus we have now. We've educated witches, wizards, and warlocks of all backgrounds, including several generations of royalty. I wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything.

    I finally moved the last of my belongings out of the laboratory this morning. It's a bit sad seeing the place so empty...perhaps someday it will be put to good use once more, but for now it remains a vacant reminder of what once was.

    From the diary of Princess Alice

    15 March 2017

    It's finally happened: I have the perfect place for the Band of Brats' secret clubhouse! You see, while I was wandering around today wondering where we could hide a clubhouse, a little birdy came by with a note for me! It turns out there's an abandoned section of the school that's only accessible through a hatch in the belly of the Crystal Dragon in the courtyard. I don't know how this went unnoticed for all this time, but judging from the cobwebs nobody's been down there in years. Nothing a little bit of cleaning can't fix. I'm not entirely sure where the hatch leads, but the hidden room seems to be somewhere underneath the Administrative Building...

  • :floats past while being tiny:

    you can't handle my strongest potions
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    The moonlight is the message of love.
    Princess Alice @realprincessalice
    Currently posting from my bed. Or, as I like to call it, Lazy Princess Headquarters.
    via PegasOS

    Princess Alice @realprincessalice
    Anyone at Dame A's wanna come over and watch anime? Miss Alisha promised not to rat us out!
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  • I have lived a full life, even though I remember little of it.
    *rocks the fuck out*
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    See, the problem is that everybody wants to be my bratty friends

    We need at least one heaper to be a prefect


    Wouldn't it be hilarious if we made @Viani a prefect, actually?
  • oh ja she's definitely cut out for the job.
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    FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS. We need to give Sredni and Aliroz official names and roles.
  • kill living beings
    aliroz can have the esteemed title of Only Person Who Understands The Library Classification System And Microfiche Reader
  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    Mister Forneus, Academy Disciplinarian and Special Courses Instructor.

    First name is... possibly irrelevant.
  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    Further details:
    • Forneus has been employed at Dame Adorabelle's since its founding, and can be seen in the background of many older staff pictures. Before this, he is believed to have worked as some sort of royal retainer or envoy, as he maintains the title of "Marquess of the Outer Shores" and is theorised to be the 'Magister F." mentioned in Asterian documents dating to the foundation of Centralia.
    • In practice, Forneus' role as a school administrator and disciplinarian primarily amounts to keeping the young Princess under control and advising students on various problems; his attitude overall is liberal and helpful, although his other attributes tend to intimidate students to various degrees, often quite unintentionally.
    • Forneus was, for many years, the school's chief baking instructor. Graduates tend to describe his classes, as well as the seminars on various other, more esoteric subjects which he has given since, in wildly different terms, although the theme of remembering his classes as if they were a dream is consistent. Often students would contend to have heard wildly different lectures while sitting side by side in the same class.
    • Only one Calendar Grithbreach is ever known to have described Forneus' classes as "boring." Although Grithbreach obtained significant notoriety at the school after the 1958 Mastodon Incident, they are little spoken of now; when mentioned to Forneus, he merely sighs and shakes his head.
    • Forneus' office does not obey the rules of Euclidean spacial geometry. His apartments on the grounds are most likely the same, although no students or staff seem quite sure where they are.
    • On more than one occasion a former student has remembered Forneus as "Mistress Forneus" and appeared quite convinced that the disciplinarian was female despite disagreement from classmates within the same year.
    • Forneus often appears as what may or may not be an enormous marten in smart attire. Most do not find this odd until well after he has left their presence.
    • It is rumoured that in his role as Marquess of the Outer Banks that Forneus patrols the seas on the far coast of Centralia, on foot, several miles beneath the waves, seen from passing submarines and bathyscaphes, while on the same day lecturing the Princess on proper table manners.
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    Good, good.

    I can put this in the Centipedia wiki!

    aliroz can have the esteemed title of Only Person Who Understands The Library Classification System And Microfiche Reader

    I imagine the library's classification system was designed by Meredith herself and only makes sense if you spend literal years studying it and trying to work out the parts that aren't actually documented
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    The moonlight is the message of love.
    Name: Princess Alice

    Also known as: Most people just call her "Alice" even though she tries to insist upon "Her Royal Highness" or "Her Majesty"

    Dorm: West Dormitory, Room 147

    Special abilities: Is sometimes a horse

    Favorite course: Transformative Magic

    Least favorite course: History of Magic

    Known for: Ruling the country, giving the Headmistress a hard time

    Favorite food: Maple bacon bismarcks
  • i have a character idea can i be in this
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
  • cool

    actually I'm gonna be two characters if that's alright, because I want my character to be loosely based on tatterhood from the fairy tale but that means her sister also ought to be around
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    Sure, that works ^_^
  • ok I'll do a thing

    Name: Princess Tatterhood

    Also known as: Tatterhood, Hoodie, etc. Insists on not being referred to as "Her Highness" or anything of the sort.

    Dorm: IDK where exactly, but shared with her sister, Princess Lucy.

    Special abilities: Claims she can shapeshift, but has offered no evidence of this. Frequently rides a goat. Nobody knows where the goat goes when she isn't riding it.

    Known for: Telling stories of all the adventures she claims to have had and all the trolls she has supposedly slain.

    Favorite food: Too much ice cream

    I wasn't sure what to put for courses. What kind of courses do they have here, anyway?

    I guess I will do one for Princess Lucy later on. I'm not sure exactly where they are princesses of. Some tiny, vaguely Nordic kingdom.
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    I was just kind of making the courses up as a I go along, so whatever seems like it'll fit will work
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    While half-asleep at 4 AM I decided that the dorms at Dame Adorabelle's Academy should be laid out in a circle around a courtyard, like this:

  • Where are the academic facilities?
  • The moonlight is the message of love.

    I haven't mapped out the entire campus yet; I'm just kinda building it piece-by-piece.
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    This being a high school, the two dormitories naturally formed a bit of a rivalry.

    West Dormitory, whose de facto leader is Princess Alice, is the home of the more "crazy" and chaotic students, who love to pull pranks and do silly things with irresponsible use of magic.

    East Dormitory, whose de facto leader is Cassandra Crowe (more on her later), houses the more orderly students, who take their magic studies seriously and don't think kindly of those who flout the school rules.

    In which dorm do you reside?
  • I guess the natural conclusion here is that Princess Lucy and Princess Tatterhood reside in East Dormitory, a fact which does not please Tatterhood
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    I have the feeling that @Jane would be 100% West.
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    Alright, a Student OC, to go with my Librarian OPWUTLCSAMR.

    Name: Nihhus Buaya,

    Also Known As: Exchange Student Nihhus, Nihhus the Grand, Nihhus the Important, Assistant Librarian Nihhus,  Nihhus who is not An Orphan, Nihhus

    Dorm: East Side.  Nihhus is far too afraid of the Headmistress, and far too respectful of the Librarian, to break rules.  Also, far too easily influenced and gullible, being in the West Side would have been an accident waiting to happen.

    Special Abilities: can walk and stand on any surface, at any angle.  Teleports when startled.

    Known For: Being a conspiracy theorist, being the self-Proclaimed Assistant Librarian, claiming that the Librarian is actually the lost deposed ruler of Rozburg, claiming that the Acadamy is essentially a Prison to keep magically powerful youngsters and royalty contained, believing practically anything no matter how unlikely, being gullible.

    Favorite Course: History of Magic

    Least Favorite Course: Forneus's special courses.

    Favorite Food:  Rolls.
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    I edited my previous profile post to reflect that I'm West (I previously had said East)
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    As with everything Centralia, Dame Adorabelle's Academy has a mix of magic-enhanced technology that may seem anachronistic to those from other countries.

    For example, this is what the TV in Miss Alisha's room looks like. (She keeps it tuned to WeebTV, CBA's cable network that broadcasts anime.)


    And these electric typewriters can be found in most professors' offices!

  • For example, this is what the TV in Miss Alisha's room looks like. (She keeps it tuned to WeebTV, CBA's cable network that broadcasts anime.)

    you can't fool me, that's a microwave

  • kill living beings
    Nah mate them's an oscilloscope.
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    I think we should have an '80s-themed school dance.
  • kill living beings
    What was Centralia in the 80s even like

    i'm guessing... corsets back in fashion
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    Jeanette was Princess and doing pointless things like "education reform", "nationalizing the railways", "passing the Disability Accommodations Act of 1987", etc.

    Meredith was way cooler, imo.
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    Would anyone be interested in a Mastodon instance (not a Mastodon Incident) that's basically just a bunch of us with RP accounts as students or faculty at Dame Adorabelle's? I know at least Sredni is up for it, but I'd kinda want at least a handful of us before I proceed...
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
  • imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch
    i'm not on mastodon or 100% cognizant of what that is, but i'd be interested if i could fit it around work
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    Mastodon's like some kind of Twitter alternative
  • imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch
    that's as much as i got, yeah

    and i think there's like different servers?  i'm a bit fuzzy on this
  • imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch
    oh and Yarrun will be playing sax on Blood and Thunder
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    Tachyon said:

    that's as much as i got, yeah

    and i think there's like different servers?  i'm a bit fuzzy on this
    Yeah there are lots of different servers, each of which is its own twitter-like thing, but you can follow people on other servers as long as they "federate" with the one you're on so most of the time it doesn't matter much which one you're on. For something like this, I guess you'd set up a more isolated one.

    Also, fwiw, if this happens I will make an account (or two I guess?) on the server but I can't really convince myself I'd actually post much if at all, so it might be best not to count me toward the "handful" quorum.
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    The alternative is that I made a Dame Adorabelle's RP server on Discord. Would anyone be down for that? It'd probably be easier than making people sign up for a Mastodon instance, since most of us are already on Discord.
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    I want to flesh this out some more. The environment, the people, what goes on there...so if you have any ideas, drop 'em in this thread and I'll add them to the Centipedia!!
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    Aw yeah, I'm bringing this back!!

    First off, I put the above student profile things on the wiki. I figured I might as well just use that list format for them until we come up with more to write about each one. If you want me to add one for you, just post it here and I'll copy it to the wiki.

    I also updated the main article about the academy, adding information about the dorm rivalry, the administrative building, etc. And I edited that sketch of the dormitory circle, because it bothered me that it was drawn with south facing up. (Click the "Attachments" link to see the original.)

    Finally, I edited the article on Mister Forneus to note that he refers to my character as "Alice" and not "Princess" like everyone else, because I thought that was a nice, subtle touch.

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