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in this thread, I will check out manga series that you, the audience, recommend to me. I will try to read at least one chapter from anything before I decide whether to roll with it or not.

Suggestions can be from any genre but horror, but I prefer comedies.


  • Sup bitches, witches, Haters, and trolls.
    junji ito's cat diary
  • kill living beings
    s- oh. well there goes most of my reading.

    how about

    Himouto! Umaru-chan

  • Man is a most complex simple creature: see what he weaves, and how base his reasons for doing so.
  • Spirit Circle.
  • a short description would be nice.
    Calica said:

    junji ito's cat diary

    anything Junji Ito does is horror even if it's not actually horror.
  • Donyatsu

    It's a slice of life series about a cat with a donut body in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Spirit Circle's about two people in a cycle of revenge that spans time and space, culminating with the two reincarnating as Japanese schoolchildren
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    Or Hoozuki no Reitetsu

    Which is about Hoozuki, a demon in the japanese underworld and deputy to Yama, the king of hell. It's a slightly dark comedy/slice of life series that's also kind of informative if you don't know much about Japanese Mythology.

    Whichever series sounds more interesting.
  • kill living beings
    yeah spirit circle is great and by the lucifer and biscuit hammer person, so i change my suggestion to that one
  • I will be making a seperate thread solely for my commentary on the manga I'm reading shortly, this will be retooled into the discussion / recommendation thread.
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    Man is a most complex simple creature: see what he weaves, and how base his reasons for doing so.
    Otoyomegatari is about married life in Central Asia during the late 19th Century. The focus changes between stories, transiting from an "overaged" nomad bride's union with a young pastorial man, to an English traveller's prospective marriage with a widowed shepherdess, to a wealthy bride looking for a sisterhood union.
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