What exactly is a Homestuck?

yesterday was Homestuck day,but no one explained to me what a Homestuck is or was


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  • Well, the thing is, it's pretty much impossible to properly sum up what Homestuck is in one sentence, but I'll try:

    Remember how A Series Of Unfortunate Events was a massive prank on the reader by the author, and then imagine that but with more words than the bible, with flash animations and music, in a format that is best described as "technically a web comic".
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    The plot is one of those things where everything fits with what goes before and after it, but if you look at the whole it's like a Jackson Pollock painting or a dream or a story told by a five-year-old.

    Heck, I'm not sure it truly can be understood without the context of certain blogs, fanfics, and especially a forum and community that to a some extent no longer exists, because of the way that the audience and author interacted (for example, popular headcanons sometimes became in-jokes became canon became plot-points).

    It started on April 13, 2009, and for a while was a lot like the author's previous work, Problem Sleuth (a webcomic in which the audience would come up with a command for a character to do, and the author would come up with what happened next), but eventually the fandom went out of control and the author, Andrew Hussie, decided to troll them as much as he could, seeing just how far he could go, seeing if he could out-crazy his fans.

    It was so popular it made Newgrounds crash and Youtube stall (certain animated updates crashed the site, so he tried to host it on Newgrounds and it crashed Newgrounds, so he had it on Youtube and Youtube was noticeably slower that day)... it was weird.
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    It was very popular here, back in the day, and when it ended in (I think) 2016 it was kind of the end of an era.

    Honestly, I never got into it enough to read more than about half of the actual text, so my summaries aren't as good as others here could give, and to tell you the truth, explaining what it was is kind of like explaining Harry Potter or My Little Pony or Star Trek or Star Wars, in that it's hard to get across just how popular it was, how big it was.  You saw it in the margins of high school students' notebooks, you saw it in graffiti on tunnels, you could go to Comicon and see Homestuck cosplayers in the hundreds.

    I feel old now.

    (A'ight, now it's someone else's turn to go all LEMMY TELYA ABOUT HOMESTUCK).
  • apparently they tried to make a Homestuck 2 or something
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    Ponyhead said:

    apparently they tried to make a Homestuck 2 or something

    They did, to mixed success, though it's been said that everything after the Credits is "of dubious canonicity" and that it can safely be ignored if needed.
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