Top 6 Things Only Millenials Will Remember(that Gen Z will never know)

6: VHSes: Do you remember how your copy of Star Wars had it so that you couldn't read the opening scroll until it scrolled halfway across the screen? And how it never "looked" right in movie theaters when you could see the whole thing? Gen Z doesn't!

5: Mouse Trap: Remember this?
Remember how you could only convince your parents to play it on snow days? And how it took forever to set up but like 30 minutes to play? Gen Z doesn't.

4: The blood ghost in Mickey Mousecapades for the NES: It always freaked you out but you secretly relished when you'd get to the photorealistic blood ghost in the game. And it was all the more special BECAUSE you cried for a full hour because the ghost showed you a vision of your family as decayed corpses and your mom didn't understand because all she saw was a pixelated verison of Maleficient

3: Gas Station Carnivals: You know those long car trips you used to take with mom and dad? You know how you used to beg them to stop at the gas station carnivals? The Ferris wheel might have been small and the roller coaster might have been underwhelming, but stepping into the sideshow tent and seeing the Showman fixedly staring at the wall, and dreading, dreading what would happen if he finally turned around, to the point where you fainted at the slightest tremor and your parents had to drag you out was worth the price of admission. Gen Z don't understand this paragraph

2: That One Dollhouse: You know how you got that one dollhouse from the old toy store and you could never, ever, ever figure out how to open it up and care for the dolls. And sometimes you'd have nightmares about the dolls walking through your house and you'd wake up screaming. And how one day your parents figured out a way to open it when you were at school and you got home and the dollhouse was gone, and your parents wouldn't talk about it and then one day, decades later, you got lost on a country backroad and ended up at the house you had been dreaming about for years? Gen Z doesn't!

1: Commemorative Candle Cove pogs: Remember the Skin Taker? He's back.

In pog form


  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    I went to one gas station carnival or anything resembling such

    When the Conoco/Breakplace near me opened in 1999 they had Mickey and Minnie Mouse there and they gave me a Conoco balloon

    Which I would end up letting go of and watching float away in the backyard, to my great sorrow
  • there's a blood ghost in Mickey Mousecapade? shit, I gotta play that game again!
  • ...And even when your hope is gone
    move along, move along, just to make it through
    I only ever had one school day in my entire life.   It was in 2001.

    I do not have memories of playing stuff at home on school days.
  • A temporally-limited circumstance?


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