Am I more than you bargained for yet?

I been dying to tell you anything you wanna hear
That's just who I am this week

Lie on the grass, next to the mausoleum
I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just line in a song


  • Man is a most complex simple creature: see what he weaves, and how base his reasons for doing so.
    It's 2008 again for me.
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    See also: that thread where I talked about my emo teen phase
  • TreTre
    Drop a heart, break a name
    We're always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    (as we all heard it back then)

    We're going dada 'n' a nully around!
    And suga, we're goin' down swiggin!
    I'll be your numba one widda bullit
    A bloody good cop, let's cock it and pull it!
  • The Dark Side of the Moo
    I don't recognize this song, it must be from after the Imi-pays-attention-to-pop-music period.

    also people still say "number one with a bullet" I guess
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