Let's say I want to broadcast pirate television via the internet

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What's the best streaming site for the job? I wanna make an online anime channel with timetables and everything.


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    is this legal
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    is this legal

    Did that stop NeoToonami before Toonami came back on for real?
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    NeoToonami was a comparatively huge operation, tho.
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    That bears only upon feasability, not legality.

    Point being, I'm looking for a streaming service that can handle this kinda load (also, a computer which can handle this load would be important, but minor setbacks)
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    honestly I have no idea

    Justin.tv before it was shut down
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    If you can get your hands on an API to handle streamed video input, you could probably just use that+a server and send info to it from, like, OBS (Open Broadcasting Service). Two nodes, but I'm also not a networking guy.

    Also, I wish you the best. On the internet, copyright infringement is more rigorously enforced than action taken to ruin people's lives.
  • Toonami Aftermath is still around.

    You should go ask them how they pull it off.
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    Running a pirate station is a pretty intensive operation. You would probably need collaborators, people to handle things like programming (the non-computer-y kind) and site maintenance. That, and it would behove you to be broadcasting things that generally cannot be found elsewhere—unlicensed foreign shows, out-of-circulation material, et cetera.

    But really, this is just toeing the line of our legality rules. Keep that in mind.
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    ...we have legality rules?
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    ^the princess is not above the law.
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    vanilla TOS says use has to be in line with "all applicable laws and regulations" but i think just talking about committing crimes is legal
  • I thought we don't have to follow Vanilla TOS since we're on our own server.
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    Uh, yeah, we do. Not super strict ones—I am pretty sure nobody cares if I download out-of-print Hafler Trio albums or help my friends make weed tinctures in my spare time, and I think I can say that openly—but this is entering a bigger grey area wherein plausible deniability becomes an issue.

    Mostly this policy is, I think, meant to encompass actual crimes rather than silly stuff like this, but I want to avoid anyone here getting implicated in some bullshit and having this as "evidence."
    If anything, we're under Linode's TOS, which is pretty liberal (I doubt they'd get on us for discussing piracy; hosting bootlegs, that'd be different). That said, it's never a good idea to incriminate yourself.
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    I was talking to Centie, by the way. Missed Klino and Section's posts. What Lee said is more concise and ultimately more useful here, but my concern remains.

    Although I will freely admit that having a mini TV station would be really cool.
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    Fair enough on all counts
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