Donald the Hedgetrump


“Like fire to the sides. Like Sonic. But still keep the bangs because that’s Donald’s signature. But gotta get the fire going. Because, if you think about it, he pretty much has the same personality as Sonic. Crazy. Wild.”

(via The Awl)


  • i'll be honest though, the picture gives me more of a Heihachi Mishima vibe


    they're both evil corporate magnates, even
  • Part of me loves it the way it is. It’s a whole separate entity. His hair could just live by itself. His hair could be a separate candidate altogether… Would Cousin It be Cousin It without his hair? Would Don King be Don King without the fro? How could you change it?

    im inclined to agree

    it's like the Burger King logo: it's really bad, but it is a key component of the brand
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