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I noticed this tends to come up a bit in the general threads, so I figured a place to collect the conversations wouldn't hurt.

Think I'll start things off with link to a crazy Hindu god dance contest then a wall-o-text response to some stuff in the main thread.

“Why the hell didn't I learn this stuff in my cru-church?”

It is a shame that Protestant church really only concentrates on what’s in the Bible and nothing else.

Catholicism is a little more interesting in that it has Saints and Angels. Also demons get more of a nod.

“"Could be either, but if it was the 
atheists it is the devil's deception to try to pull you into something 
that will put you in real bondage. I realize that many times Christians 
don't come thru when you need them the most but there are times when 
they do if they are sure the Lord is leading them."

Eh, Christians can be supportive and atheists can be dicks. I’ve seen a few atheists whose response would have boiled down to “she’s better off dead, life is pain anyhow”. I actually talked this subject with my Jehovah Whiteness buddy, and we agree the answers of “The Lord works in mysterious ways” or “God needed another angel” are pretty much bullshit.

Still, the answer here is definitely  of the biased “God is in all things except for when it’s the devil” and I’d imagine whomever typed it up attends one of the heavily Calvinist influenced Churches.

“Also... demons are like pokemon. Fight them,, capture them, and give
them lots of love, and they will be loyal companions in your journey.“

Considering it’s something of standard practice to force a demon to swear that it won’t seek vengeance on you once you release it from your service. I kinda doubt this. 

I’ve seen this belief in modern Satanism, though. Which tends to go hand in hand with the belief that the Bible and much the writing on demons is anti-demon propaganda.

“God cannot heal amputees painlessly because it would be too painful, apparently.”

I find questions like this are answered better by addressing the Problem of evil, since it’s really what the question is about anyhow. 

“The main reason that so many atheists are criminals is that they reject 
the presence of a higher power that is a source of absolute morality. 
They do not believe that there will be any final consequences for their 
actions. After all, when they die, they die. End of story. So why not 
shoplift, and use drugs, and go on a killing spree, and read Harry Potter books,
and rape as many people (of arbitrary gender and age) as possible? 
After all, in the end, it isn't going to matter, is it? This sick 
worldview is one of the biggest problems with society today.”

Also, religious prison demographics skew about the same as they do in non-prison. A few of the religions are slightly higher than they are outside prison, but those are the religions that tend to have many converts INSIDE prison

Now here's a bunch of awesome Journey to the West pictures:


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