Manga Me! Jane Reads Manga, with Commentary

Donyatsu is going to be our first outing. Its description on Mangahere is both terse and extremely revealing.

About a cat with a doughnut body in a post-apocalyptic world.

That's it. It's tagged "Romance", "Sci-fi", and "Seinen" (ie. manga for older males, like most manga demographic genres, it's quite poorly defined).

So we're jumping into the deep end right off the bat. So be it.


They're not kidding.

this is the first major shot we're treated to, after a few pages of slow zooms on satellites.


And here's our uh, protagonist


he is--and I must stress there's no other way to put it--a donut cat. Examining a skull. It appears we're reading one of those kinds of works, ladies. There appears to be a narrator which should make actually capturing images here quite the task.

He's cute, and I am of the impression that him contrasting so heavily with the fucking skull lying on the ground is deliberate.

Donut Cat as I shall call them, spends several panels playing with the skull and getting it all fuzzy with his cat fuzziness. Then this happens.


that's not the cat talking. It's the fucking skull that was lying on the ground.

It then proceeds to have a short conversation with the cat, wherein they both reveal that they "woke up" yesterday. 


oh ok, good. I was worried I would have to keep referring to the fucking skull that was lying on the ground as a fucking skull that was lying on the ground every time I wanted to talk about it. Instead, it is another, bagel cat.

On the next page, Donut Cat is officially christened Donyatsu. A name I will probably ignore in favor of Donut Cat.


Donut Cat is an asshole.

He is set straight on the next page, and proceeds to vomit. Ending our first chapter.

I'm curious as to where this goes, so I'll continue updating (though with less detail as we go on, simply by necessity) on this particular manga.


  • Alright so other than this


    the next chapter is mostly toilet humor, which I'm going to decline to elaborate on, because ew.

    They also find a big building that they conclude must be a palace.
  • kill living beings
    pretty sure donyatsu is just japanese for donut cat, or something. other characters have names like Baumcougar (baumkuchen + cougar)
  • I think I'm gonna drop this one.

    It's not very funny (which I think it's trying to be) and the grossout humor that pops up from time to time is blehhhhh.
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