Waiter, there's a fly in my EVERYTHING

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Now go and get me a new one.


  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    Less than an hour and no Five Singers references? Wow.
  • The moonlight is the message of love.
    If you insist... :P

    chef the people at table 2 say they have flies in their EVERYTHIGN

    what's an EVERGTYHING?

    i think they mean the food they ordered chef
    that your prepared and i rbrought to them

    oh right
    so wht's the problem

    there's flies in it

    oh thats not a surpsise


    well i left the screen door open all day


    because i was playing target practic3

    with what

    see for yosurefl

    is that a pile of bricks

    sure is
    they're fu n to chuck out the back door

    you mean it was YOU who through that brick through my car window, chef?

    well no
    except i'm lying
    so yes


    now waiterman, that's no way to talk to your boss

    i thought you were the chef, not the owner

    right, but you shouldn't talk to the owener that way either

    fair enought
    what about table 2's order

    here give them this kroger gift card instead
    so they can buy their own food

    but this is beautiful Lakewood, OHio
    there are no Kroger stores in the cleveland area

    not my problem
    take them the cards'


    and then clean up these bricks, please

    i'm taking tomorrow off, chef
  • I've learned to tolerate drama...except on the boat
    ...Is it weird that I can hardly tell them apart
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    The moonlight is the message of love.

    It's almost kinda intentional. That's why I have them address each other by name as often as they do.

    (I find it funny that you replied so soon, though)
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