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  • A once-common given name for a girl
  • A city in Nebraska
  • A conglomerate formed in 1984 from what was essentially a three-way merger over two years between the Norton Simon Companies (Hunt-Wesson Foods, Avis Rent-A-Car), Esmark (Swift meat products, Jensen car audio, Playtex personal products), and Beatrice Foods (Meadow Gold ice cream, Reddi Whip canned whipped cream, also owned Tropicana juices and Fisher nuts, among other things, at one point or another). The combined enterprise was too unwieldy to survive, and the same PE vultures that had been eyeing Norton Simon started eyeing Beatrice. Finally, KKR got them in 1987, and sold off everything that wasn't related to the US packaged food business; in 1990, KKR sold what was left to ConAgra.


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    My father hated ConAgra (he called it "con-air-uh") because he associated them strongly with GMOs, which he hated
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    This is my grandmother's name!
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    something something umineko
    Before they expanded into packaged food, they were a major off-brand flour maker (as the Nebraska Consolidated Mills), so I'm sure they used a lot of grain, GMO or otherwise...
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    i think conagra makes the frozen chicken pot pies i used to eat a bunch of
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    Are they Banquet brand? (Wikipedia says that ConAgra acquired those not via Beatrice, but when RCA - yeah, that RCA - unloaded the brand in 1980)
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    they're marie calendar or w/e
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    Marie Callender's

    ConAgra makes those, though they don't own the name or logo
    in other news, RCA was in the food business 

    too bad they couldn't call them TV dinners...Swanson already called dibs, although they never registered "TV dinner" (that exact wording) as a trademark
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    ironically, the most sensible of their little diversifications away from electronics and broadcasting was Random House, which they owned from 1965 until 1980, when they sold it to Advance Publications (it was sold on to Bertelsmann in 1998, and contributed to the Penguin Random House joint venture with Pearson last year)

    it's funny how some of these portfolio makeups anticipate Time Warner, which made the diversified media clusterfuck cool for a while
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