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I'm gonna do it

I'm gonna personal thread.

for real this time.

and this one's gonna be bookmarked and tagged so I don't forget about it


this thread has been:

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  • So like apparently a lot of people think Pokemon X/Y has a really weak story.

    While I can see what they mean for a given definition of "weak", I sort of prefer the less intrusive plot. One of the things about Black/White I didn't like was having to fight Team Plasma damn near constantly. You have to fight Flare pretty often too, but so far those segments have been rather short.
  • also like I care far more about Kyoko's fashion sense than my own.

    She has matching outfits for every season, and I literally wore a purple t-shirt and pajamas today.
  • TreTre
    That's like me in any video game I'm allowed to customize my character in, I always care significantly more about their appearance than my own. It's kind of sad but at the same time the clothes are always so much freakin' better in video games

    well, not always (side-eyes Final Fantasy) but a good enough portion of the time that I still end up jealous of my player characters
  • I got a makeover.

    this is part of my attempt to re-brand myself as a hot cross bun store.
  • fin by John Talabot is a good album.

    there doesn't seem to be much like it, at least not that I have found.

  • i think that when it comes down
    to it, round things will still be round, flat things will still be flat,
    dogs will still all be dogs, and cats of course, will still be cats.
  • How many screen names have you had?
  • TreTre
    edited 2014-03-07 17:03:20
    these are the ones I know of (music/general aliases & screen names)

    They Call Me The Ocean
    A Wind Temple In Appalachia
    Super Lazuli
    AlkhanomicsPlus (?)
    Mojave Music
    Spain Sun
    Burgundy Queen

    and probably tons of others idk
  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
    El The Daze

    Really you could make a list like a mile long
  • alkanomicsplus1 and soshokittycat are both old e-mail addresses of mine.

    Tre I would actually rather you not post that third one mostly for reasons of embarrassment.

    I've also had PinkNeonPyramid and PyramidPower, granted not anywhere any of you go to.
  • a-wind-temple-in-appalachia?
  • edited 2014-03-07 16:53:35
    “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    Lightex, Yoko...

    You have had a truly astonishing number of pseudonyms and usernames over the years.
  • TreTre

    Tre I would actually rather you not post that third one mostly for reasons of embarrassment.


    Sorry about that.
  • edited 2014-03-24 00:46:02

    various aliases of mine, with a couple withheld for either security or embarassment reasons, sorted by use:

    TVTropes Usernames:
    • El The Daze
    • The Dazed Sinister
    • Spain Sun / Spaïn Sun
    • Blixty Slycat
    • Hexagone

    Heapers' Hangout Usernames:

    • Alkanomicsplus1 (which still exists as an old account)
    • Superglobe
    • Super Lazuli
    • Ludmila
    • Mojave Music
    • Mo
    • Burgundy Queen
    • Deepweb Damsel (alt)
    • Yōkō (alt)
    • CIRNO teh IEC fairey (alt)
    • A Skull (alt)

    Novafest (and maybe Beyond the Lampshade. Not going to go check)

    • Superkitty


    • MyFireworksDoesYours

    A couple now-defunct anime sites

    • Syncretist
    • Haruhain
    • Spain Sun
    • Red Teacup
    • Blixty Slycat


    • PinkNeonPyramid (was also my @ tag for a while, but that's been @MojaveMusic for a good year or two now and probably won't ever change)
    • the sea urchin lass
    • space urchin lass
    • sea urchins 2014
    • lookitsMOJAVE
    • Fight Club Prez Mako
    • Burgundy Queen
    • Mojave Music
    • Mo'
    • Dreamtime Tweets
    • !!!SUPERHYPE MAKO!!!


    • a-wind-temple-in-appalachia
    • i-am-the-ocean
    • into-the-mojave


    • Caster Mojave


    • AppalachiaWindTemple

    A defunct Halo fansite

    • Green Triangle


    • SoshoKittycat
    • Mojave Music


    • Superglobe Supreme
    • Mojave Music

    Xbox Live

    • Silverwolf (yes I actually managed to get that, keep in mind my Xbox Live account first went up when the service was brand new)
    • Doom Hippo
    • I tried to get it changed to Caster Mojave, but they wouldn't let me without paying a fee.


    • Grandkonductor Raregruve
    • DJ Daze
    • DJ Spain
    • Spanner in The Works
    • Spanner in Dewerks
    • Dewerks
    • Lightex
    • Glowwy-Lookin' Lava Lamp
    • Mojave Music
    • Pink Kokane
    • King K'iud (I haven't put any of this out yet, and with good reason)

    that's all of them off the top of my head. I probably missed some.

  • imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch
    i can think of one, but it might be the one Tre deleted

    on a certain site for talking about that which simply rankles you
  • Tachyon said:

    i can think of one, but it might be the one Tre deleted

    on a certain site for talking about that which simply rankles you

    the one I had him delete was my GMail address, so it's probably not that.
  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
    Oh wow, I'd forgotten Novafest existed.

    (Notice I used the past tense, there.)
  • edited 2014-03-07 19:26:04


    We can all agree that Teef needs a sequel, right?
  • I've picked out BGM for a villain from an upcoming RP campaign that has not even started yet.

    talk about jumping the gun.
  • What a lovely piece of music.

    Sometimes you do find neat things on Pitch4k.

    Anyone have any idea where I could get a compilation of edits Todd Terje has done?
  • edited 2014-03-09 17:05:12

    Todd Terje!

    I don't, but he has a bunch of tracks including some remixes up for streaming in full on his soundcloud, and you can find a recipe for his favorite rolls on his website

    also he's coming out with his debut album very soon fwiw
  • if you wanna check out his originals i recommend the It's The Arps EP, and the Spiral, Strandbar and Eurodans singles
  • after googling about i cant find that disco edits mix of his anywhere i'm sorry u_u

    i found one track though!
  • Thank you regardless!
    b d88888888888b
    /\ 8888888888P" Y88888888o,b
    _--/ \ 88888888P".''.Y88P" Y8888
    /__/ "\ Y888888P '.-. Y" _. Y88P
    <______ "\ "8888P / | '_ '$88
    \, \ 888b Bo | / \ a8Z
    \ \ 8|< B8/ Bo||P"
    '. /'--\ ._ P8/|
    \ / '\_ \ _/
    \ /'-----.'
    \ | / |\ \
    '-./ | / \./| \
    | \/ |/ |
    ,---| /\__./
    _/ '-.___./ ; \
    / \ \ \
    --._/ \ \ \_
    \ \._\ "--.
    \ _''-._<''
    \ /"
    '-. .-"
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    | I |
    | | T
    | | |
    | | |
    | | \
    | "| |
    | | Z
    """"' ch1x0r
  • I found a picture of Naney

  • I found a picture of Naney


    where did you find this
  • it was sold to me in exchange for an illicit shipment of spices.
  • I have done well
  • sinister strings

    a very violent violin
  • new song from The Cunninlynguists that features Aesop Rock and Sadistik. Beat is really "traditionally pretty" but I like it a lot.

    I guess I'm gonna use this as a personal music-linking thread also cuz I can't go into the main one cuz it takes forever to load.
  • There is no sadder feeling than seeing a eulogy for a musician I've never listened to.
  • Babble bawitdaba baubles bamming.

  • Sometimes I prefer to type on the other side of the page, just to be a dick.
  • Reality has never been an obstacle for me before!!
    Is that even legal in this county??
  • It's legal in The Burgundia-Mojavine.
  • today was the day Witch Ludmila got her hat in Dark Souls, so it was a good day for me personally.
  • TreTre
    edited 2014-03-29 12:35:13

    Al would approve.
  • hats are good, hats are grand, let us celebrate, with a handstand.

  • I'm gonna use this thread to stat out a tangential D&D character because FUCK YOU AND YOUR STANDARDS
  • edited 2014-04-06 02:12:54

    mostly flavor stats so far, I have to look up how this stuff works mechanically again.

    Name: Lucrezia Steldt
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: (Good / Unaligned ?)
    Class: Cleric
    Patron Deity: The Raven Queen

    History & Personality:

    Clerics, among those who have no love for the clergy, are often described as being corrupt, using their divinely-given powers only for their own needs, and as not really serving their god or goddess in any meaningful way. One would be hard-pressed to levy such accusations against Lucrezia. Lucrezia was raised by her church, houses of worship devoted to the Raven Queen are few and far between, and dedicated, active clerics in her name even moreso.

    Thus, Lucrezia was raised in particular by Father Archembaud Lott, himself a rare Cleric of The Raven Queen. Though Archembaud was careful to never attempt to force ecclesiastical life on Lucrezia, it is perhaps unsurprising that when the time came, she devoted herself to her mentor's path.

    Lucrezia is deeply, singularly religious, perhaps even unusually so, and believes wholeheartedly in the few hard tenets of the Raven Queen's faith. At age 17 Lucrezia was officially ordained, and made able to perform religious services such as funeral rights, and the laying on of hands to cure the sick. As a priestess of the Raven Queen, Lucrezia held no pity in her heart for the sick and dying and still does not, but does what she can to prevent them from leaving this world before their time comes. A year later, Lucrezia was officially made a cleric, and set out on her own to punish the hubris and pompousness of evildoers, necromancers and their foolish assumption that they could escape death in particular. In spite of the experience--both in combat and the practice of her faith--that two years has brought on, she still attends many priestly functions, and is known to serve as a healer and funerary official in small villages she passes through, who have no formal institutions for such practices.

    Lucrezia makes a strange companion, her piousness and stoicism can sometimes come off as aloof, or even simply rude, and to more secularly-inclined companions, there is definitely something a little odd about someone who drops to her knees after every battle to pray for the souls of her departed enemies, that they may end up safely at The Raven Queen's grand estate in the Shadowfell before being ferried on to their god. Lucrezia is also known to not get along well with other clerics, who she often considers corrupt, impious, and poor representatives of their faith.


    Lucrezia is rather short for her age and race, standing a full head below many other humans. Her hair, fittingly, is raven-black, and her large eyes are a dark blue. She is also skinnier than one would think a person who wears full armor and wields a sword and shield ought to be, but one should not mistake a lack of visible musculature for scrawniness.

    Lucrezia, fittingly for a simple cleric who shuns most material wealth, has only two changes of clothes. One is her priestly garments, a grey-silver cloak emblazoned with the symbol of a raven's head on its back, which is attached to a blueish robe underneath. The other is her battle regalia. It doesn't look dissimilar to that of more common clerics--say, those of Pelor--but several points, such as the edges of the helmet, are tapered into scales that are crafted to resemble feathers. Her shield is a common iron parma, emblazoned with the same raven symbol that her cloak is (TIL clerics don't use shields). Unlike many clerics, who wield blunt weapons, Lucrezia uses a short broadsword, passed down through many generations of clerics from the same temple Lucrezia was brought up in. According to legend, its blade is made of steel reforged from an iron scepter once used by a devotee of Orcus, its existence a testament to the power and inevitability of fate over those who would deal in the heresy of undeath. This legend perhaps also explains the blade's unusually dark color.
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    Name: Melfina van Boren, The Witch of The Rake
    Race: Human
    Age: 20(?)
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Sorcerer (Level 5)


    Level 0: Ray of Frost*, Flare, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Dancing Lights
    Level 1: Magic Missile, Summon Monster I, Kelgore's Firebolt, Shocking Grasp**
    Level 2: Flaming Sphere, Seeking Ray***

    Feats: Magical Aptitude, Toughness (I), Energy Substitution (Fire)

    Skills: Bluff (7), Diplomacy (5), Knowledge - Arcana (6), Spellcraft (6), Use Magic Device (7)

    Stats and Modifiers

    Appearance: Melfina is a tall, thin woman, with voluminous but not particularly long hair of a bright, fiery red color. Her eyes, in sharp contrast, are blue. She is light-skinned but not pale. Melfina generally dresses simply, usually in robes and a matching witch hat in shades of red, blue, or purple. She also wields a "staff" (a lightly worked-over tree branch really, and honestly more akin to a cudgel, but close enough), keeps a journal, and wears a strange ring made of blue metal. The ring's significance is unknown to anyone but her. Melfina has a lovely singing voice, but is rarely inclined to show it off.

    Personality: Melfina is flippant, bubbly, and somewhat hyperactive when she's not being extraordinarily lazy. She lies a lot--often for no other reason than being able to--and is a compulsive thief ("collector" in her own words) of magical items, a big eater, and an even bigger boozer. She is also occasionally afflicted with short bouts of pyro- and megalomania, that her friends are thankfully usually able to keep in check. In spite of all this, Melfina is genuinely kind at heart and is helpful to those who she feels warrant helping, and is also quite accepting, being as close to free of all prejudice as a person can really be. Melfina's only real goal in life to master the fire magics she was born with, and she is well on her way.

    History: Where Melfina is from, and what exactly she was doing before she turned up in the small delta village of Mouth of the Rake, is hard to know. The town had been suffering an ever-worsening problem of bandit raiding that was beginning to drive the town into poverty, and the skeleton crew that was the town watch was quite thoroughly unequipped to handle the bandits.

    Melfina--by her own account--volunteered to put an end to the raids, and set out from Mouth of the Rake early one morning. She was gone for two entire days, and most of the townsfolk assumed her dead. When she returned in the wee hours of the third morning after her departure, she glibly informed the mayor that the raids had been ended. A week passed, and no raids came. This was enough for the mayor to award her with a small amount of money for her efforts, to which the local priest--a cleric of Pelor--objected, stating that the sorceress was obviously a witch.

    Melfina left the town without much fuss, but was amused by the cleric's insult, and has styled herself The Witch of The Rake ever since.

    Much of this, of course, is by Melfina's own account--it is known that she stopped the raids on the town, or at least helped to, but how many of the finer details are true is difficult to ascertain--and it is somewhat likely that at least some aspects are her own embellishment.

    *Energy-shifted to Fire by default, as "Ray of Flame"
    **Energy-shifted to Fire by default, as "Scorching Grasp"
    ***Energy-shifted to Fire by default, as "Searing Ray"

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