Space Alien Opera:RPG(interest-check)

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Traveling around planets, gathering supplies, trading with the space locals or beating them up for their space loot, beating up space monsters for their loot, learning about the universe as well maybe, if any of these things interest you, then I have just the RPG for you.

SAO is kind of a story I started but then I realized the format of story-telling doesn't suit it as well as I would like, so I'm covering up the skeleton with an rpg game.

The setting of the game will take place on planets and in space, many different planets with many different ecosystems and many different types of loots. You may notice references to Nintendo things and stuff like that, that is because I am a big nerd and completely uncreative enough to probably steal some concepts and put it in my own story stew.
*As with any rule, I will make exceptions and break one, but I will only do this for exceptional reasons.

You are a space demon cyclops* with no arms aboard the spaceship Big Shroom.
Your non-arm state is not one to fear though, as everyone knows, space demon cyclopes have telekinesis.

Please fill out the character sheet and I will consider your ness.

Psychic power type: Brute, Lancer, Dancer, Technician.*
Description of your Cyclops*:(things like height, eye colors, apparel, etc.)
Str: Agi: Stam: Int: Wis: (All of these start at 12, you have 7 points to place)
Psychic Power: Range: Delicacy: Power: (All of these start at 6, you have 3 points to place).
Favorite Enemy type from Nintendo* style games: (Example: Koopa Troopa from the Mario Series)

Uhhh, I am new to GMing, please be gentle.

Once you are done with your character, I will PM. you your personal affects and any starting power thingamagig that you might need to know before starting up.

Other details will get hammered out a bit later but please if I have missed anything feel free to speak up, the game itself will mostly take place over the Weekend if that is your thing or not.

*As with any rule, I will make exceptions and break one, but I will only do this for exceptional reasons.

Characters confirmed :




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