Suchian Musings And Ramblings About General Designs Involving Notable Estuaries

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Because everyone else was doing the "post my random thoughts" thing, so why not me?

You can call this thread Nsdstlsges, after the last letter of each word.

Random Thought:  Sorry Elphaba, but you aren't Defying Gravity; you're just above the earth's surface.  If you had absolutely no gravitational connection to the earth, I think the Earth would keep going those thousands of kilometers an hour through its orbit and you would be left behind in space.

Random Fact:  My imaginary castle in Rozburg is based on the Karnan; because no way am I going to have a stupid Disney-type Castle.

The actual capitol of the empire I once ruled (of which only Rozburg remains to me) had a castle that looked more like Harlech.


  • How many alluvial fans do you have?
  • Three in Rozburg. The Rozburgian swamp is made from a swamp filling in the biggest of the three, and the other two are smaller, looking like wings coming out of the edges of the swamp.

  • Things not to name your children:

    Tuberculosis, Abductus McKidnap, Atchoo!, Taenia, Weebly-woo, Pinchme, helphelpthereisafire, Plumper Jane, Carrion (my wayward son), Elanor-Rigby, Militaryindustrialcomplex, Potato, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna.
  • The Dark Side of the Moo
    "Abductus McKidnap" is the best name and I am going to steal it if you don't mind
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    "Abductus McKidnap" is the best name and I am going to steal it if you don't mind

    Go right ahead!  I'm glad you like it.

    It was originally Abductus McKidnappersdotter, but I realized that the Latin ab+ducere = Abducere = abduct; being latin, doesn't go very well with the "sdotter" surname suffix so common in last names of Norse origin.

    Also, "abductus" implies male, with the "us", and "sdotter" has a feminine connotation (gee, I wonder why?); but Kidnappersen didn't sound so good; and Abducta didn't sound so good.
  • The Dark Side of the Moo
    I see.
  • Also, would Abductus McKidnappersdotter be "Abductus, the daughter of the son of kidnapper", or would it be "Abductus, the son of the daughter of kidnapper"?
  • Aliroz said:

    Because everyone else was doing the "post my random thoughts" thing, so why not me?

    You can call this thread Nsdstlsges, after the last letter of each word.

    Random Thought:  Sorry Elphaba, but you aren't Defying Gravity; you're just above the earth's surface.  If you had absolutely no gravitational connection to the earth, I think the Earth would keep going those thousands of kilometers an hour through its orbit and you would be left behind in space.

    Random Fact:  My imaginary castle in Rozburg is based on the Karnan; because no way am I going to have a stupid Disney-type Castle.

    The actual capitol of the empire I once ruled (of which only Rozburg remains to me) had a castle that looked more like Harlech.

    So then,

    Levitation's not cancelling out gravity. Instead, it's simply creating a force opposite to gravity that's keeping you above the ground.

    Of course, it isn't the same force as a solid, else people who levitate couldn't do those fancy twists. So something liquid-like. Perhaps it slows down the air particles around the user to the point where it resembles a high-viscosity liquid.
  • smaragdine
  • Why in the world are there people who stick gum to the bottoms of chairs, tables, and such?  You people do realize that someone's going to have to clean that up.

    I hope that said person has a scraper to use, but if not, removing the gum by hand is possible.

    There is a special place in heck for people who stick it in sharp corners, or on things with rust.
  • My sources report that the ambassador from Bookerstead brought with him dangerous poisons.  Her Bacon, Tomato, and Lettuce sandwich could have killed someone!

    reports have also come in involving the soil of the Fieldlands (the
    South-Southeastern thirty-secondth of the vast Fieldlands were once part
    of my empire before I lost everything except Rozburg.)

    Despite the advice of the Right Honorable Imipolex, the council of Domaine (which owns the southern half of the Fieldlands) has decided to plant alfalfa, rather than grass.  (Grass, it has been decided, will be planted in the Southwest by South thirty-secondth of the Fieldlands).

    This favours the rich media mogul Anonus, as the nitrogen production from Alfalfa is a valuable resource.  Centralian users of magic (what is the world for someone who uses magic in Centralia?) use magic to take the nitrogen away from the soil of alfalfa, and add it to the soil of Anonus's marijuana plantations.
  • image


    I always thought it was stabilize.
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    imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch
    It is.

    Presumably the writer made a mistake.
  • You know what is the most incredibly awesome event in literature?  The scene in Fudge-a-mania with the juice.

    Yeah, that scene.

    I probably exaggerated it in my memory, but it's so satisfying.  The
    worst character in literature finally getting comeuppance, and Peter
    finally getting justice for all those years of torment.  That was for
    Dribble, you monster.

    You can take your huge explosions and your
    universe-destroying punches and your giga whatever breaker; but that is
    the most incredibly awesome moment in fiction.

    I know I'm the
    only one who feels like that, but in a world of complete darkness, a
    single light will stand out and appear unbelievably bright. 

    the entirety of Double Fudge was pretty awesome, as mini-fudge puts
    Fudge through all the torment from book one (except for the murder of
    innocent reptiles); in a completely satisfying, completely appropriate,
    absolutely perfect instance of what goes around, comes around.
  • Do crocodilians eat starch?
  • I just really like to write and say the word pasta.

    Pasta pasta asta pasta asta asta.
  • I love this imageimage
  • Google A3456F5678E4567H45567I678O5678P

    without the numbers.

    IT only has two hits.
  • dangit ads

    trying to look like there are more search results than there really are

    Decipher this

    and this.

    But without quoting them (the only two google results thing is so cool)
  • NPR is being very interesting right now.

    Like, for the last hour, it's been utterly fascinating.
  • Yarrun the ulotrichous.

    Miko the Sybarite.

    Vriska the Lapidarian.
  • So, in my valley, the air is terrible in the winter.  Today, the inversion looked really wierd, and I'm trying to guess why.  The following is my theory.

    So, the mountains of my valley form a wall, blocking wind.  The wind that pushing form above the mountains thus pushes any inversion air towards the center of the valley, or downwards.  The resulting shape is a shield over which the clean wind goes.  Once the inversion rises enough, the wind will push it out instead of down and it won't pass over.

    Pollution, however, seems for some reason to accumulate in the inversion-shield.  So, the wind currents bring the air to my mountains, where it is either blocked by the montains (like, about almost all of it is this_, pushed over the mountains and over the cloud, or (for some reason this only seems to happen to polluted air), pushed over the mountains and then joining the cloud.

    It's a sink-trap for polluted air; like that huge trash pile in the ocean.

    It's the weirdest thing to think about air like that, like sedimentary rock, all layered.  END THEORY.

    But, really, I don't know enough about how it works to really say it.  I'm just guessing from what it looks like.
    That's actually pretty spot-on; Los Angeles and Mexico City have bad air for much the same reason (LA is a coastal plain hemmed in by high mountains; Mexico City is more-or-less in a huge crater).
  • I love this gif

  • imagei will watch the heck outta this pumpkin patch
    It's pretty great.
  • The Dark Side of the Moo
    I also would express approval for it
  • Yes.  'Tis a good word.
  • “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
  • Ah, gooood, it appears that the mudpuppy scholars have developed a conlang understandable by the limited minds of non-proteidae. I am hoping to propose an alliance. I am willing to share the swamps and unite against those who would drain them. Here's hoping the Waterdog Anemocracy is in a good mood...
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    This video is wonderful.

  • Note to self: if something is good, do not mention it. That way, people can't ruin it with their reality.
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    i just construct separate pseudo-realities

    then all i have to keep tabs on are the differences between each pseudo-reality

    it's like having an alternate interpretation of a story

    all of them are valid as much and as long as you can know the basis of each interpretation

    of course there is only one "actual" reality
    which follows certain rules, such as but not limited to the laws of physics

    but we can dream, can't we?
  • Aliroz said:

    This video is wonderful.

    It can confuse cats!

    Now the common man can confuse his cat from the comfort of his own home, no longer needing to rely on the handyman and his contraptions.
  • 699579 is a good number.
  • The core attributes of a physical knob are resistance and inertia.

    Inertia smoothes the "user input", supressing smaller shaking, allows fine-tuning at low speeds and easy turning at high speeds.

    Resistance adjusts the force required to something comfortable to humans, avoiding accidental changes, providing tactile feedback of "something happening". "A little bit stronger" also seems easier than "a little bit less strong" (I'm not sure how to put that better).

    Low-resistance, low-inertia knobs are flimsy, which in modern lightweight, small and mobile devices can be countered by at least giving low tolerance in the rotation axis.

    Low-resistance, high-inertia knobs allow a wide range of values with high precision. If the knob allows "spinning" over multiple revolutions, you can easily span multiple orders of magnitude without losing precision.

    High resistance knows are a kind of safety feature: "Do you really want to turn this up to 11?", they make sure you are aware you are doing somethign important. High inertia makes them even more like confirmation dialogs, but you lose precision.

    (for completeness: aspects to avoid are hysteresis and a significant difference between static and dynamic friction).

    All these things transfer poorly to a digital user interface - at least I can't imagine a way. Touch interfaces make rotation at least physically bearable, resistance might be simulated by a vibrating surface, and inertia can be simulated in both the visual feedback and the effect.

    Still, you are losing the tactile feedback of a high-inertia knob,
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    A while ago, I wrote the following (in italics is the thing I wrote a while ago): DEAR FICTION:  PLEASE HAVE MORE ENFIELDS, BAGWYNS, MUSIMONS, AMPHISBENES, ALLOCAMELLUSSES, AND GUALOSUCHUS REIGI.

    Look, you have unicorns and pegasi in fantasy; so I don't see why you aren't willing to include GR.

    Also, when you describe color, it might help to use Munsell's system if you can't think of good adjectives.

    Also, fiction, please learn that there are loads and loads of different kinds of poisons and antidotes.  Know your Barbiturate Poisoning from your Picrotoxin, and know that the latter is an antidote for the former.  Find obscure chemicals and learn their effects; and then at the right moment, bust them out in your story for coolness.  Like, seriously, Cessium Auride makes actual solid gold and hydrogen (and Cessium Hydroxide) and a lot of heat when exposed to water.  Bang, you have a chemical that makes gold, so long as you add water and don't mind having the most powerful base known to man around with a bunch of heat and a bunch of hydrogen.

    Elixir right there.  If it was magic, it would be unrealistic and silly; but since it's a real thing; you can go all "HA-HA, CRITICS!  WHERE'S YOUR SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF NOW?".

    Don't be afraid to have worlds with two suns.  It could make for some neat description.

    Research extinct forms of life.  Some of them look downright made-up and dreamlike.

    Know your metals so that you can know what sparks they make.  It becomes so, so cool in a swordfight when you can describe the different sparks.  Some long, some bright, others forking like the veins of a leaf,  some of one color, some of another ,some only lasting a short time, some lasting a long time, some with any combination of these traits.  It makes super-cool imagery.  And that's just one situation where you can bring in sparks. 

    Also, don't be afraid of obscure or non-cool-seeming weapons, like the macahuitl or atlatl.  Have a magical named Atlatl or an ancestral tomahawk.

    Don't be afraid of obscure cultures, either.  Set your story in 1556 China, or 378 B.C. Ethiopia, or Australia in 200 A.D.  If there's not much information known, you can make up stuff to fill in the blanks.  If you want to stay realistic, go for that, it'll be so cool if you can get the right feel for the culture.  Or, you could go more overtly fantasy and off-the-rails, making something unlike what's been done before.

    Also, you can get away with scientific and factual inaccuracy with this easy trick:  at the end of the book point out each inaccuracy (footnotes may be helpful, here) and at the beginning of the book point out that it is a work of fiction.

    But today, I want to add to that this:  But, all in all, forget all these rules and remember this one:  GO NUTS.  Do what you want to write.  Wanna go crazy and abandon certain logic?  Just do it.  Want to have a high-school misadventure story?  Just do it.  Want to write self-insert characters in a standard midieval setting?  Just do it. Want to have a character who is a sentient elephant's nose with pink dots who is an anti-hero mourning the loss of her love?  Just do it.  Want to write unrealistic characters whose motivations make no sense?  Just do it.   Want to write something that is only interesting to you?  Do it.  Want to have a scene with a liquid that, when you drink it, makes you sink through solid like a liquid, walk on gas like solid, and fall through liquid like a gas?  Do it.  Want to write a standard genre novel?  Do it. Want to have a romance between two files of tax information set in Mars in June 1732 with Queen Victoria as the narrator?  DO IT.  There aren't criteria, not really.  Writing is supposed to be fun for the author, not just fun for the reader to read.  Of course, you want it to be fun for your reader, because enjoyment is even better when you can share it with someone.

    Be passionate, put your heart and soul into it.

    Forget demographics, this is you playing pretend.  This is your sandbox.

  • If the resolution was higher, it would be far above my head and hat, and I wouldn't be able to reach it.  How, then, would a problem be solved, if  could not reach the resolution, so near the New Year?
  • I just watched The Lego Movie in the theater in 3d.

    That is a movie every heapers should see in the theaters (the 3d is subtly integrated, makes it look like physical legoes. You stop noticing it really quick, which is a shame because it stops you from realizing how well done the 3d is).

    If any movie was the movie of the heap to me, it Would be that one.


    Let me just say that the is a certain character who is now my favorite fictional character of all time.

    And another, similarly amazing character, that has the exact essence of a certain person here so much that it is amazing.



    WATCH THAT MOVIE, HEAPERS. IT IS WORTH THE EXPENSE. I recommend it the same way I would recommend Spirited Away.

    Watching this movie will get you 30 Rozpoints.
  • I'm probably going to be remembered as the worst ruler my empire ever had. I mean, I lost the entire empire, save for one swamp. And I can't do anything but watch as the lands that were once my empire are drained and developed.

    Better monarchs would have gone to war to reclaim the wetlands. Better Konungrs would have gone to war with China to rescue my Chinese brethren.

    At least the demand has gone down.
  • Caramelldansen is Swedish!

    Not Japanese.

    Dang Japanese appropriating that music and adding moe-blob dancing to it, and stealing the popular credit for such an amazing song.
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