Suchian Musings And Ramblings About General Designs Involving Notable Estuaries

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Because everyone else was doing the "post my random thoughts" thing, so why not me?

You can call this thread Nsdstlsges, after the last letter of each word.

Random Thought:  Sorry Elphaba, but you aren't Defying Gravity; you're just above the earth's surface.  If you had absolutely no gravitational connection to the earth, I think the Earth would keep going those thousands of kilometers an hour through its orbit and you would be left behind in space.

Random Fact:  My imaginary castle in Rozburg is based on the Karnan; because no way am I going to have a stupid Disney-type Castle.

The actual capitol of the empire I once ruled (of which only Rozburg remains to me) had a castle that looked more like Harlech.


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