Monomania vs. Monomania

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I am not sure why I am amused, but I am.

(Note: I would have gone with "Anchorite (Love You Very Much)" rather than "Maude Gone", but YouTube is a fickle place.)


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    I listened to most of Deerhunter's discography fairly recently. I liked most of what I heard, although I've found that Monomania was actually the weakest out of his albums that I listened to.

    I still need to listen to Car Seat Headrest's discography at some point, although I've liked the songs that I've heard by him.
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    “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    I'm not in love with Deerhunter's Monomania, either; I simply found the coincidences (year, title, production style) interesting to note.

    Twin Fantasy is the one to listen to, at least at first.
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    I figured. These types of coincidences can be pretty fun to note.

    Thanks for the recommendation.
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    “His thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white.”
    ^ ...?

    Oh, wait, I kind of get it now.
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