DungeonCrawl Stone Soup

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So there's this game called Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It is like Nethack, except that there are more playable classes/races. You die a lot and keep playing anyways. You can find it here. I recommend it as an impressive waste of existence, and Mojave would probably say it's good.

I've spent the last few days trying to succeed as an Octopode Ice Elementalist. Do not attempt this race/class combination. Choose something sensible and save yourselves.


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    Bah, curse you Yarrun! I was thinking about making a general roguelike thread and this makes it harder!

    That being said, I found I wasn't too big a fan of this game. I think I might try it again, though.
  • As far as I'm concerned, it's easier to pick up than Nethack

    So, let me tell you about Octopode Ice Elementalists.

    As you know, Octopodes are one of the most fragile races in the entire game. Because they're freaking octopi, they're unable to wear any armor besides shields and hats, both of which are fairly rare in the opening levels. Their only advantages are their 8 ring slots (which are useless in the earlygame) and their slight bonus to stealth. As such, the best class for Octopodes is Ice Elementalist, which gives defensive spells and quiet offensive spells.

    When starting with an OPIE, you have two options. Your safe bet is to clear the floor of monsters and grab all potions, scrolls and wearable gear. That'll get you to lvl 2, at the very least. Your second option is to get to the fourth floor as fast as possible, tie yourself to a god, then come back to the first floor and get some extra piety. This route requires a bit of luck, as you'll have to avoid anything more powerful than a hobgoblin, and you'll want to grab a weapon and/or get to lvl 2 before trying this. You can avoid weapons in your run. Octopodes' tentacles are decent weapons on their own, especially if you find an enchant weapon scroll. However, a short sword or a dagger can be useful, as well as any glowing/runed weapons. Also, unless, you end up with a surplus of ID scrolls, equip any rings or amulets that you find. There's a good chance that they'll be cursed, but 'remove curse' scrolls are fairly common and you'll be needing those jewelry benefits  (I suggest that you stop doing this at D3. Getting teleported into a room full of orcs because of a cursed ring? Unpleasant).

    In terms of skills, turn off everything except Ice Magic until Ice Magic is at 6. Dodging and Traps can also be on, as long as Ice Magic gets most of the xp. If you start worshiping a god, you should probably add Invocation/Evocation.

    Go down to the 2nd floor and keep killing until you reach lvl 3. At that point, you should be able to learn Ozocubu's Armor, the first defensive spell. This'll boost your armor condition to a reasonable level. After that, you should be fine with those two spells and some decent rings. Remember this: avoid mobs, unique characters and ghosts. If you see a mob, hide behind a corner and cast Freeze at them. For the others, just stay away or skip to the next floor and come back later.

    For religions, I suggest Nemelex Xobeh, Vehumet, and Sif Muna, in that order. Sif's useful because, well, she's the default mage-god, but she won't be much use in the earlygame, where you'll need her most. Vehumet will allow you to sacrifice corpses, which means a higher rate of piety gain. NX is doubly easy to raise piety for, as there'll be a lot of unwearable loot that you can sacrifice to him. If you choose NX, make sure you focus on sacrificing armor and corpses. That'll get you summoning decks and escape decks, which will be useful when you inevitably get in over your head. I've also heard people who swear by Ashenkazi for Octopodes, but I've never tried it. Whoever you choose, make sure you stick with them. The penance of Sif Muna is particularly harmful, as it makes Ozocubu's Armor virtually uncastable.

    This is for anybody who plans on following my cursed path.
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    That actually sounds like fun, dude

    lemee try that shit out
  • Oh, yeah, and you'll probably come across a grate surrounded by green water at some point. Go in, and beware the frogs.
  • Oh, yeah, and ghosts are the worst. The absolute worst. If you encounter a ghost, just throw your hat down in disgust. You're dead. You're just dead.
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    Hmmm, I'm starting to feel like I may have misjudged crawl. This might be the kind of game i wanna play.

    Have to play it with the console, though. It just isn't authentic otherwise. =P
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    Nooooooooooooo Carl got brutally murdered by a Kobold with bolts of frooooost
  • Fun fact: Every OPIE that I've sent into the dungeon has been named Lord 'insert Lovecraftian name here'. My headcanon is that they've all been sent to retrieve the Orb of Zot by their mad king. Whoever fetches the Orb will become the second-most powerful octopode in the kingdom. That's also why all the ghosts are such jerk; octopodes are naturally sore losers.
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    You have any suggestion for how to balance skill learning?

    I'm thinking of putting heavy emphasis on the magic stuff, with some skill exp to go towards dodging, stealth, and traps.
  • I usually leave it to the default settings. I feel like melee should get some points in the early game, seeing that MP never last as long as you want it to.
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    Alright, I feel like I've been doing alright this game

    My Icy Octopus now has a dagger of protection as well as a deck of destruction he got from his god, as well as the ability to evoke the deck without it being equipped.

    Because of this, I've started training short blades and evocation in order to do these abilities better. Ice magic is at 4 and spellcasting at 2. And I'm currently level 6.

    The only problem is that I don't have a reliable ranged attack. Only a couple of darts here and there.

    Do you think I should get Throw Frost? i'm not sure it's even necessary, seeing as how I'm going to get Throw Icicle as soon as I can.
  • Something I learned from teh proz on the DCSS forum was that you should always turn off all your skills and only focus on training one or two up at a time (in other words, switch it to manual). Autotraining just doesn't level your stuff up fast enough.

    For my part, the farthest I've ever gotten was dying in the last level of the Vaults, but that was as a Minotaur Fighter of Makhleb, which is like one of the best possible combinations.

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    so I just started up a Tengu Air Wizard and almost immediately found leather armor of life protection and a whip with the draining brand.

    I am hoping this means this'll be a good RNG run if nothing else.

    I've also already leveled up enough to learn Swiftness and Repel Missiles.

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    Oh shit dude, I tried a TenguAirEle and he almost immediately died. Repeatedly.

    Now I'm playing a Draconian Wizard. Gonna wait until level 7 and see what type he is, then level his skills accordingly.
  • Tengu are sorta hard to play as.

    There are a couple good beginner combinations, like Minotaur Fighter, Orc Priest, and so on, but I like playing the more challenging classes sometimes too.

  • also protip, the game really doesn't start until you get to the Lair

    and on that note, do the Lair first unless you're an Orc Priest or Death Knight.

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    Yeah, I'm just dicking around with the odd character classes/races, just because I wanna
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    another thing: I realize that if you're a roguelike aficionado you'll probably want to go for the console game, just play Tiles, it makes the game so, so much more manageable not from a difficulty standpoint so much as an anti-frustration standpoint.

    Yeah, I'm just dicking around with the odd character classes/races, just because I wanna

    Felid Wanderer of Xom breh breh
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    I'm also going for the console because it runs faster and seems to be less glitchy

    In terms of practicality, for me, console wins out
  • the couple glitches that exist are endemic to the game.

    I suppose it's a matter of personal preference but most of the people I've talked to seem to prefer tiles (this also seems to be the only roguelike where this is the case). Although there's the "herp de derp y'all can't read" set.

    Anyway, seriously this run is weird, everything I'm finding is either glowing or runed or whatever else. I just don't want to equip any of it cuz I don't want to get cursed so early on.

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    How bad are some of the curses?

    So far I've been equip IDing things because remove curse scrolls are plentiful and none of the curses have been that bad.
  • Remove Curse scrolls are only plentiful sometimes. In a few runs I've had I've come across next to none of them.

    If you've got a ton on you then go nuts (except in like, The Tomb, where you'll need them to fix mummy curses), but if you don't have at least like, four or so, don't risk it.

    The curses themselves usually aren't too bad (exception: Cursed Ring of Teleport, which randomly zaps you around, and if you're a caster, Cursed anything of Berserk Rage), but there's the danger of getting stuck in a shitty suit of armor or not being able to butcher corpses because you've got a cursed mace glued to your hand.

    Tengu don't necessarily have to worry about that last part though, being able to butcher things with their beak and claws.

  • Tengu just got the Flight ability whoop.
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    I started up a Kobold Enchanter, partially because Kobolds have like no problems with hunger, partially because Kobolds are nice and rogue-y, and partially because I'm a big fan of the magic knight type characters.

    I guess we'll see if it works out or not, though.
  • Berserker is the best class for Kobolds believe it or not.

    I have no idea if Enchanters are good for them or not. They might be.

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    Iunno, it seems like they're alright. Kobolds have pretty good melee. They don't get any magic bonuses, but they don't get any penalties to hexes, which is nice.
  • I confess I actually forgot what Enchanters do and had to look them up.

    I'd advise branching into other areas of magic once you get to The Lair, since that's where things start reliably having magic resistance.

    Also if you see uniques named either Sigmund or Grinder, just run. 

  • actually, as a close encounter with Pikel just reminded me, uniques in general are usually more trouble than they're worth.
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    Oh, trust me. I've already met Sigmund many, many times.

    He and I are not on good terms anymore. Especially after I almost killed him by tossing exploding darts at him repeatedly.
  • he's not really worth killing. The only thing he's guaranteed to drop is his scythe (which is shitty, even if you're good at polearms, and it's not usually branded) and his robe (which is entirely mundane). Just run, and haste yourself while doing so if possible.

    Other early uniques to avoid include Eustachio. Ijyb can be worth killing if he spawns with a good wand, but that's also the only thing that ever makes him dangerous.

  • well, I got killed by getting ganged up on by two human slaves and about thirty goblins that all inexplicably had steel darts.
  • I had a potion of heal wounds on me too, it just wasn't identified.

    Lesson here, if you're in a spot where you will absolutely die if you do nothing, just try everything.

  • I think I will now follow your example and roll up a Kobold Enchanter.
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    Well I once saved my IcyOcto by quaffing the shit outta things until I got a heal wounds

    it was pretty cool
  • Oh, and also

    If you come across the undead, stay far away. Physical damage is negligible against them, and they resist ice magic.
  • The Undead are actually far easier than their living counterparts (assuming you mean zombies and skeletal whatevers, rather than like, mummies and such), but casters can have a hard time against them.

    on that note, Mummies are decent PCs.

    Bad thing about y'all playing this game is that I can't rip stuff off of it to use in Dungeoncrawler's Academy.

  • I actually just died to poison from a needle trap.

    That is absurdly rare.

    Though I was in the Ossuary, where the traps are probably stronger than normal.

  • Yeah zombies shouldn't be giving you too much of a problem. What are you playing as?
  • Mace of draining has been buffed with enchant weapon I and II. Narrowly avoided encounter with Crazy Yiuf. Only one ring, but things are still going fairly well.

    ^ Octopode Ice Elementalist, as always.
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    Crazy Yiuf is actually usually worth killing if you can take him out at a distance.

    He always drops a Staff of Chaos, which can get you through some parts of the early game (though drop it for something better ASAP, and honestly your mace might be better), but more importantly, he can drop branded cloaks.

    Which, now that I think of it, are wholly useless to an Octopode.


    Yarrun said:

    Alright, lesson learnt. Don't be lazy and use an escape hatch to go to the next floor.

    Descending escape hatches are the devil.
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    Whelp, I've picked up two rings of magical power and a book of Frost on my Skald

    Time to train ice magic I guess
  • so the Draconian Wizard I rolled up would be doing fine.

    I say "would be" because the RNG seems intent on fucking me sideways on this run. I've yet to find a single scroll of identify and burned through all of my potions while trying to cure some nearly fatal poison. The result is that I now have a Draconion with the Teleportitis mutation, as well as horns on his head, who has a great spell set, but has no idea what anything does.

    Also I killed Terrance who spawned with a Flail of Holy Wrath which is just weird.

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    Alright guys, it's decision time.

    I'm a Merfolk Skald who just found the Ecumenical Temple. What god should I go for?
  • A Skald?

    more magicy or do you prefer the hitting of things?

  • Not a hybrid rabbit-skink spirit
    Hmmmm. I think I'd rather go with more melee than magic.

    I'll probably get Okawaru in that case.
  • Yeah. Okawaru and Trog are the two big melee gods, and you don't want to go with Trog.

    Alternately you could go with Xom and make things interesting while throwing out your chances of success.

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