Let's Play Tohomon Blue! (It's Back!) (Kind of!) (See most recent post)



  • Ah, Touhou Soccer.

    'tis a thing.

    Also does anyone else have any other comments? I haven' been getting a ton of feedback about the LP itself, so I'm hoping I'm doing everything okay.

  • Marisa's solo shot.

    BTW, the attack she's using here is the Master Spark. It's one of her trademark moves from the game. Remember that; I'd be surprised if she doesn't learn some type of laser move like Hyper Beam
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    today, I will stuff. Update forthcoming. We may challenge Lt. Surge, not sure yet.

    I'd be surprised if she doesn't learn some type of laser move like Hyper Beam

    Wouldn't Zap Cannon make more sense?

    Also you can apparently evolve Marisa into two different Touhoes, EXMarisa (the standard evolution) and Advent Marisa. I think we'll be shying away from the latter because eww Advent Cirno.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ Well, wait, what are their stats, types, and movepools?
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    Here! Have a series of screenshots presented without any context or commentary whatsoever.









    Yeah, I did an update. Vanilla ate it, and I am pretty fucking pissed about it because it was a long update and I spent almost two hours about it. If you have any questions, I'll answer them. But that is all I'm doing for this.

    I try to put some actual effort into something and my internet connection decides to go to shit. This is a metaphor, I'm sure.

    I may be done with this Lets Play. This is just the straw breaking the camel's back, here. I don't know what to say anymore, I'm not funny, and I doubt any of you find this at all interesting. So I don't fucking know. It'll depend.

  • Try doing the updates in word, then copypasting them into the post.
  • I don't have word.

    I have Wordpad, but I tried that once and it got all screwed up.

  • Remember back in the 50s when they'd record like Elvis singing YOU AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A HOUND DOG and then they'd turn the record over and reverse it and it was all NYERP NYERP NYERP NYERP NYERP and people were all like, "That is actually the voice of Satan coming from that song."
    I'm not sure if this would work, but what if you copied each paragraph separately and pasted it as plain text? Even if the browser you're using doesn't have it as a right-click option, there should be one in the post box.
  • It pasted, but the words got spaced out all weird and then I had to reupload the images anyway. I'm not sure what caused it.

    I think that was the update immediately after the last time I lost one.

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    Alright, I am not going to quit and be "that guy".

    I am going to wait awhile before I attempt to do another update though. 

    At least a regular one. In the meantime, I have an idea to keep things interesting.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    You know this is all due to not getting a zombie fairy, right?

    It is putting a magical curse on you

    A magical curse made of rotting flesh

    A magical rot, if you will
  • Welcome to Let's Play Tohomon: Bizarro Edition!

    Hmm, where are we?


    Is that my rival? I bet she's an asshole. Fuck you, Gary stand-in.


    Wait...why is she being nice.


    I....I guess so?


    What the hell does that mean?!


    Oh, no this is called a "Battle", you see.

    Ah well, Zestpoole, let's kick her a..






    Oh, thank goodness. 

    Just some bizarre hallucination.

    We should really stop eating those mushrooms Cheech finds on the ground, that might end up having serious conseque--



  • You know this is all due to not getting a zombie fairy, right?

    It is putting a magical curse on you

    A magical curse made of rotting flesh

    A magical rot, if you will

    Joke is no longer funny.
  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^^ Did you find a version where you are the rival or something? O.o

    ^ Then I must keep using it until it becomes funny again
  • No, it's just that Merry Version's rival sprite is the same as the Tomboy sprite for Blue Version.

    In fact, I think in Merry Version you can be the Tomboy too, and then your rival is the Lady/Maribel sprite.

    Then I must keep using it until it becomes funny again

    Please don't.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ Ok :<
  • TreTre
    I think you're funny Lazzy.

    Also, I said it before and I'll say it again: one of your TOUHOES ought to be named Chong. Because reasons.
  • If we catch an Alice, we will name it Chong.
  • TreTre
    And she will be the best Alice/Chong to exist. EVUH. :P
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    ^^ What if you catch a Chong? 8D?
  • Then we will name it


  • TreTre
    Everything's better with Bob.

    Even Tekken.
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    Okay, going to try for an actual update now.

    To recap what was deleted last time. We went into what is in a normal game Diglett's cave (here, Yamame's cave) and caught some touhoes for the heck of it.

    edit: Oh, and we got the Vs. Seeker, but I forgot to screencap that.

  • First thing's first, we've got some business to take care of.


    Yeah, we picked up Ju. She's level 16 now. So, still way, way, way behind the rest of our crew, but better than she was before. And she knows Faint Attack now, so she can actually battle.

    I am going to try to grind her up a bit, and then we'll challenge Lt. Surge. What do you think about that, random Meiling?


    well said.

    So we battle some trainers. I really just love this one kid's setup.


    CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! It is his only Touhou.

    I should note that Ju managed to take this Chen--one five levels above her, mind--down in only a few hits. Perhaps I have underestimated the darkness Youkai.


    After getting her up to 18, I figure we can enter the Electric Gym now.

    Let's have a chat with MOTIVATIONAL GUY


    hellzyeah let's do this.

    Hmm, these things almost look like trashcans, surely I don't have to do something retarded like hunt around for a pair of hidden switches that need to be pressed one after the other and if you fuck up they reset, right?


    nnnnnope, that's exactly what we gotta do. But first let's battle the grunts here. 


    If I had a nickel for every time I read a phrase in a Pokemon game to the effect of "a CHILD? battling POKEMON? PREPOSTEROUS!" I'd....well I'd have about $20, probably. But still, it comes up a lot for a world where leaving on your own at age 10 to participate in a glorified version of cockfighting is apparently the norm.

    Also why would a sailor be in an Electric-type gym, exactly? Those usually use water Pokemon/Touhou/whatever.


    Oh but no, this guy is DIFFERENT. He is a REBEL who doesn't PLAY by the RULES. 

    He's also a complete idiot. Because his only two Touhou are Lunas, and they both go down to Ju, who is four levels below them. Ju, on her part, gains a level and learns Bite (replacing her rather useless Tackle attack).

    So hey, let's try out Generic-looking Middle-Aged Dude over here.image

    Really? You're a lightweight? I am not sure if this guy means that he doesn't weigh a lot (which I don't buy) or that he can't hold a lot of alcohol (which I really don't buy), either way, he's lying.

    Whatever, let's kick this guy's ass.


    Ohay it's an Iku. Well at least he has good taste.

    Iku are heavy-duty, slow Electric-types. The character they're based on is probably the only likable Celestial in all of Touhou. Unfortunately, Ju can't quite handle this one, and is knocked out. So we send out Lee to finish up the job.

    His next Touhou is another Luna. No surprises there, she's quickly taken down by Lee.

    The last guy in this gym other than the leader himself is this older gentleman whose name I imagine is something along the lines of "Ebenezer" or "Horace" or "Eugene".


    He claims to have been a subordinate of Surge's, but he looks way older than Surge. So how does that work, exactly? I mean, I could see if the age difference was less drastic, but this guy is at least in his sixties. How old was Surge when he entered the army, five?image


    Well I admittedly did not see this coming. 

    Luckily, Lee is able to take her down fairly easily. Also I was sort of on the mark, dude's name is Tucker.

    Now, let's challenge the big boss. After solving this hilariously tedious puzzle, which I am not going to screencap because so boring.

    Alright, now if patterns have told me anything (and patterns always tell you things where Touhou is involved) I am going to get swept by one of this guy's Touhoes, and then come back in an hour and a half and sweep him. I am going to endeavor to skip that first part today.image

    Again with the "why is a kid here?" speech? Seriously?


    We haven't even battled yet! For all you know I could have an entire party of Level 80 Ground-types.

    And he opens with....a Lunachild.

    No originality anymore, I tell you. Oh and it knows Double Team, lovely.

    Luckily! Our own Derpy Lily knows "being awesome" (and also Swift, which never misses, and Barrage)


    Now here's where things are going to get....interesting.


    Yeah. Level 28.

    That's...a bit nuts. And it completely wipes out Cheech with Twister, which it knows for some freaking reason.

    Time to bring out the big guns.


    See, this is why Zesty is "the big guns".

    ...and it defrosts literally the same turn and uses Thunder Wave.

    Fucking what?

    Well whatever, we're able to take her down.

    I wonder what his next Touhou can....



    I call bullshit.

    I'm sorry, I just do.

    This is worse than Lance.

    On the other hand, it sends his Marisa's own Special Attack plummeting. So that's one good thing.



    aww yeah. Suck it.

    What do you think, Motivational Guy?



    do you know a dude named Haven by any chance, Motivational Guy?

    Anyway, that's all for this update.

    I'm going to go do some grinding and general poking around, I'll update if anything cool happens.

  • haven is motivational guy
  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    So now you have Hippystoner, Ninjaman, Psychicdominatrix (she has a god damn WHIP in GRBY), Superpimp, and Mafiaguy left
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  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni
  • oh gym leaders, right.
  • Alright, quick update before I leave for the night.

    Today we're going to board the SS Anne, but not before getting roped into a battle with a random old dude, right?


    of course!

    Oh hey, his first Touhou is Daiyousei.


    It's another Fairy evolution, which it evolves into if its ATK and DEF are equal. Thing knows Smile, which cuts our ATK stat pretty badly. Oh and it knows Weather Ball (yes, the Castform attack) too, for some reason.

    He also has a Chibi Koishi, Koishi being the little sister of the Satori we caught earlier.

    Anyway, onto the boat.image

    I always thought it was weird that they say you "flash" your ticket. How do you flash a ticket? (Similar phrasing is used for things like "flash a badge" or whatever, I just find it semantically weird, though I'm not sure if it actually is.)

    Right, so now that we're onboard we can finally relax and take a break from all this pointless bloodshed and battling, right?



    Well what are your opinions on this, random French stereotype?


    couldn't have said it better myself.

    Eh, whatever, let's beat some dudes up for money.


    oh god it's an otaku

    run, Natalie, run!


    and his first Touhou is a catgirl. This gets better and better.

    Rin's a new face here, I don't really know much about her since I think she's from Subterranean Animism which is not a game I am really interested in. I recall her being Ghost-type though which makes having Ju up front a happy coincidence. She goes down in a single hit, and his second Touhou (the exact same one, I might add) also does.

    When you beat him, he says "my...my friends....". Personally, I think he should say "mai....mai waifus...."

    In the next cabin over, we meet someone who is either a nurse or a hooker.


    Depends on what she means by "a short rest", I suppose.

    Gonna cut it off there for today. Sorry it was so short, but I have to go to work soon. I have off tomorrow so I'll try to get a bigger one in tomorrow.

  • Gensokyo Report, Edition 6 (?)

    Satori is, as her name suggests, a satori. She's from TH 11, Subterranean Animism (as are the next four characters). Satori are a universally hated species of youkai, hated by humans and other youkai alike. This is because of their Third Eye, an organ connected to the heart that allows satori to read minds (it's not visible in CSatori's sprite, but it's usually hovering right in front of the heart). As a result, Satori lives secluded in the Palace of the Earth Spirits in the Underground City. She also keeps a lot of pets, as animals find it helpful to find someone who can understand them. In-game, she has the ability to use spellcards from enemies in earlier games, depending on who you choose as your partner. I'm not quite sure how that works, since she's after Yuugi, and I may never, ever beat Yuugi.

    Koishi is Satori's younger sister, and the EX boss for TH 11. In an effort to avoid the scorn of other youkai, she sealed her Third Eye (it's not known exactly how this works, but one can assume that it wasn't exactly pleasant). By doing this, she also sealed away her heart due to the Third Eye's connection to it. By sealing her Third Eye, she gained the power to manipulate one's unconscious thoughts (which is open to interpretation; "Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure" infamously portrays it as mind-rape). By sealing her heart, she lost the ability to care about the feelings of others and blocked Satori's own ability to read her mind. Generally, her powers manifest as the ability to be ignored; she's able to travel anywhere without drawing attention. One could describe her as a youkai who went feral, only caring about her own matters and survival. Naturally, after battling the protagonists, she starts to care about things again.

    Utsuho, also known as Okuu, is one of Satori's pets, a hell-raven who monitors the temperature of the abandoned station of hell (don't try to get me to elaborate; the afterlife's kind of a clusterwuffle in Gensokyo). She's also the final boss of TH 11. Though she was originally just a regular raven, she's convinced by a god to consume the corpse of a Sun God Crow. She consumes it and gains the power of nuclear energy, along with a few symbols of her power. The most notable one is the Third Leg, aka the giant arm laser she's wielding. She then gets the idea to take over the world, which kicks off a series of events culminating in her defeat and chastisement. Now, she runs a nuclear facility in the Underground City.

    Rin is one of Satori's pets, a kasha who's responsible for collecting corpses for fuel and controlling spirits in the underground. She's also Utsuho's best friend. When Okuu starts getting megalomania, she becomes worried. But, instead of telling her master, she decides to let some spirits escape to the surface, which would attract a surface-dweller who would try and solve the situation. This kicks off the plot for Subterranean Animism.

    Yuugi is an oni, like Suika. She's one of the big-shots in the
    underground city I mentioned earlier. She's somewhat responsible for
    keeping the peace between the surface and the underground. She, along
    with Suika, is also one of the Four Devas, a group of oni known for
    being especially powerful

    Iku is a youkai oarfish, an envoy from the Dragon Palace. She's one of two characters introduced in the second fighting game, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. The Dragon is the most highly respected deity in all of Gensokyo, since, well, he created Gensokyo, so her messages should logically carry some clout. However, she's dealing with Gensokyo's brand of disrespect and carelessness, so she's constantly nitpicked and defied as she tries to warn everybody about an incoming earthquake

    Daiyousei translates into "Big Fairy". She's the first nameless midboss character in the Touhou games, appearing in Cirno's level. No one's quite sure what her power is, and Zun's not telling. As far as I'm concerned, she seems to have an intrinsic connection with nature, so Weather Ball's a good choice. She's a common companion of Cirno in fanworks.

  • Alright dudes, so um. Bit of an announcement.

    I have been playing Tohomon Blue Version so far, but there is a way, way way more extensive hack called Touhou Puppetplay v1.8 Enhanced (long title, I'm aware).

    If I can get it to work, I may start playing that.

    Now, if you guys like, I can continue doing the LP of Tohomon Blue co-currently with my playthrough of Puppet Play, or, I can switch to LP'ing Puppet Play.

    Totally your decision, I don't much mind either way. I know Puppet Play changes up a lot of typings and everyone has quintillions of evolutions and the plot is different and new music and etc. But I don't know if you guys want to sit through a third of the game again.

    So, it's your call either way. Just thought I'd toss the option out there.

  • I'm actually no longer considering doing an LP of Puppet Play.

    Why? Because I am in way over my head in terms of difficulty here.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ It can't be THAT hard...
  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    Let me restate that:

    I'm guessing it can't be THAT hard, but as I can't find the damn ROM for it...
  • You won't find a ROM for it. You have to grab an .IPS file and then use the program that comes with said file to patch it into an existing Pokemon FireRed ROM.

    There's a video tutorial on how to do that, though.

    and yes you have to A) keep the VisualBoy open the entire time and B) physically drag and drop the ROM file after you patch it. No, I didn't know you could do that either.

    Also, as a heads-up the first starter battle is completely unwinnable unless you know a little trick common to all Pokemon games.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ I just use a patcher to patch the rom so the .ips is installed right

    And you mean grab a potion, right?

    And where is the .ips?
  • You can't "just use a patcher" here, I tried it. Doesn't work. You have to follow that video exactly or you'll just end up with a differently-named copy of Pokemon FireRed.

    I don't have a direct link on hand, but it's one of the many, many mediafire links on this site, basically the only one that's not dead or set to private.

    Pokemon Puppet Play v 1.8 Enhanced is what you are looking for.


    Also the starters are Sanae, Reisen, and Alice instead of Sakuya, Marisa, and Raymoo.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ Well that's irritating
  • Yes it is, I was ranting about it earlier, and for some reason the hack's creator has forbid a ROM-capable version from being made.

    I dunno, anyway follow the video and you'll be fine.


    sorry I didn't get one in yesterday.

    Anywah, let's go fuck up cruise passengers with our Touhoes, but first, something interesting I noticed.


    We must be like that chick who draws Johnny Wander or something, because everyone up to and including our own mother seems to think we're a boy.

    Oh! I would like you all to meet the only guy in this entire ship game to have a reasonable reaction to a random teenage girl entering into his living-space uninvited.


    Which isn't to say we're not going to kick his ass--we totally are--but he seems to have just slightly more going on upstairs than some of the other guys here.

    I didn't bother screencapping the battle because he just has another Rin and another Chen, who we both take out really easily. So there's no point in doing so.

    Relatedly, Ju gained another level. When the hell does she evolve? She's at 22 and still chibi.

    Our next targets are what appears to be a single mother and her two children.image

    her daughter seems to be the kind of person who, in the real world, would have a parrot as a pet, and then send it back to buy a toucan instead because a parrot is just not exotic enough


    she is the 1%.

    Her first Touhou is uh...


    I....genuinely do not recognize this character. I'm not sure if I'm just having a brainfart right now or what. Probably a brainfart.

    Her other Touhoe is Nazrin


    we beat her easily. Since she's Nazrin.

    Her trainer then laments that her Touhous' exotica alone is not enough to get them to win battles. To which I am forced to wonder if the girl has ever had a Touhou battle before. Judging by the absolutely obscene amount of money we just got from that fight, I'm guessing not.

    Let's check out what the brat has to sayimage


    well he only has one Touhou, I assume it can't be anything too ba--



    Apparently our opponent is much like Spike, in that he likes women who could kick his ass.

    The Momiji turns out to be a decently tough opponent (and it knows Detect, so that shield's not just for show), but we manage to best her.

    So now, I'm just gonna kind of casually take thisimage

    Yes. Found, this is what we will tell the authorities if questioned.

    Dude in the next cabin over has no interest in fighting


    but is apparently totally willing to tell us that he's an undercover cop. Well, now we know who not to peddle that stolen TM to.

    Upstairs, we run into our first Fisherman opponent (I think, anyway)


    yeah, that's a Hina.

    Hina is Magikarp in this game. She does get good later on (she basically turns into Muk) but she absolutely sucks earlier on in the game. Plus, you can only catch them at like, level five I think.

    After defeating him (his other Touhou were a Chibi Komachi and Iku, if you are curious) we set our sights on the item orb on the other end of the room, but that gentleman is watching too.

    We know what we must do.image

    oh, he seems to be a vampire, too.

    one with a single, really crappy Rin as his entire fighting force.

    Okay, well whatever. Let's see what we've got here.


    Well shit, it seems we are now RICH AS FUCK.

    Going to stop this update here while I bask in my new RICH AS FUCKness.

    More seriously, gonna clean out the rest of the cabins while I still have some time before work. If anything interesting happens I'll try to screencap it.

  • Gensokyo Report, Edition 7

    Kotohime is one of the characters from TH 3, Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, a PC-98 precursor to Phantasmagoria of Flower View. She's an eccentric princess who collects things. And yes, I had to look her up to figure out who and what she was.

    is a member of the Temple of Myouren, and the first boss of TH 12, Undefined Fantastic Object. She's the hypercompetent envoy of the Buddhist deity Vaisravana/Bishamonten, sent to watch Bishamonten's representative in Gensokyo, Shou Toramaru. She's very loyal to Shou and the rest of the Temple crew. Besides her ability to command other rats to do her bidding, she has the ability to sniff out treasure.

    This is my favorite picture of her.

    Hina is a goddess, a fairly low-ranking one. Like most goddesses in the series, she's from TH 10, Mountain of Faith. She has the ability to remove the sufferings of mankind via spinning. And boy oh boy doe she love to spin.
  • Splat Charger Specialist
    Phantasmagoria was touhou 3, actually. It was followed by Lotus Land Story and preceded by Story of Eastern Wonderland.
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