Let's Play Tohomon Blue! (It's Back!) (Kind of!) (See most recent post)



  • I think my version may have come with a similar file, but I've long since misplaced it.

    If you could though, upload a copy somewhere (let's say mediafire? 2shared? Pretty much anything works) I'd be much obliged.

  • @ Pncalynjde: There are a few pokemon ROMhack's I'd recommend:

    *Flora Sky

    *Liquid Crystal (*Crystal remake w/ some other cool bits*)

    *Pokemon Genesis (*Nice deep storyline. also, Mareep is an option for a starter, so it's fuckin' legit*)
  • Someday in the distant future when I am done with this LP, I may do other Pokemon hacks. Thinking of perhaps ShinyGold.

    In any case, I hope we get Lily White too. Since Derpy as just a Fairy has become an awesome non-elemental danmaku machine.


    >"my friend has so many cute Touhou, I'm so jealous!"


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    Remember back in the 50s when they'd record like Elvis singing YOU AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A HOUND DOG and then they'd turn the record over and reverse it and it was all NYERP NYERP NYERP NYERP NYERP and people were all like, "That is actually the voice of Satan coming from that song."
    ^^^I'll put it in my Dropbox. I haven't used it lately.

  • ahahahaha this girl actually has a Parsee in her party.

    ^^^I'll put it in my Dropbox. I haven't used it lately.

    danke schoen
  • actually yknow what we're gonna do a quick installment. Let's see if we can't beat Misty.

    I actually already beat the first trainer in the gym because LOL YOLO or something, but anyway let's talk....TO MOTIVATIONAL GUY!image

    so motherfucking inspirational

    then we meet a cocky bitch who thinks that she's as good at Tohomon as we are (EL-O-EL).


    While Misty looks on with her cold, unblinking, judging eyes.


    Who among us could have forseen this shocking turn of events?!

    anyway, onto the bigwig.image

    well at least she's nice.


    I'd say that's more of a tactic, really. A policy is like, "keep the Gym pools actively chlorinated at all times."

    In any case, she leads with Komachi, a formidable Water type who is, I think, also Ghost.image

    but we have the half-Grass Rei on our side, who pretty easily takes Komi down with her Morning Sun attack. Also this levels Rei up and lets her learn Razor Leaf. Neat.

    She sends out a non-Komachi (Level 24, no less!), who we zapify with Cheech. Unfortunately it KO's us with Shadow Punch, so we bring out the Derp. Who I too late realize, is completely unable to inflict any damage of any kind. By the time it's taken down Rei, this thing has proven itself a nightmare.

    I then realize that it knows "Slack Off".

    We're pretty much swept by this, but it takes for-fucking ever for her to finally finish off Derpy just because the AI is too stupid to know that Shadow Punch isn't going to work on a Normal type.

    By the way, did the AI use PP in Gen 3? Because it seriously seems like Slack Off had way, way, way too many PP, I only recall it having like 15 or so.

    So yeah. We got whited out by a gym leader. Again.

    Time to grind.


  • Remember back in the 50s when they'd record like Elvis singing YOU AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A HOUND DOG and then they'd turn the record over and reverse it and it was all NYERP NYERP NYERP NYERP NYERP and people were all like, "That is actually the voice of Satan coming from that song."
    I think the enemy trainers have limited PP. I know wild Pokémon do at least, since I somehow managed to get Regirock to use Struggle back when I played Sapphire ages ago.

    Also, Slack Off has 10 PP.
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    this occurred




    'bout damn time, in my own opinion.

    also, I think Derpy evolves soon. Gonna try to grind her up to that before I stop playing.

  • Caught a Cirno for no real reason. Just sorta wanted one, not going to actually use it I don't think.

    Named her STRONGEST!

  • and I just accidentally loaded an old save file, rewinding time to before I captured her, and also losing Derpy almost an entire level of EXP.


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    Okay, I've opted to cheat a little. Because grinding up north of the town we were in was taking too damn long, and those trainers out front of ZUN's all have really weak Touhou.

    We're going to the outskirts of Saffron and training there.

    What fruits does this labor bring? Well....


    it's Spring, bitches.

    I just wanna put up for comparison here, her current stats with her stats before she evolved, because her Defense flipping skyrocketed.image


    I'm actually quite impressed, even if I'm not really a stats person.

    Also, she is still quite aptly named.


    Lily is one of my favorite incidental (that is to say, utterly non-important to any game's plot, as far as I know) Touhou characters. She's happy. Why is she happy? Because it's Spring. Why aren't you happy that it's Spring? Ungrateful bastard, Spring is fucking pretty. How does she display her happiness? With bullets. So not only is Lily awesome, she's also a TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN.

    Furthermore, she learned Swift, and has Spring Charm as an ability, making her immune to the classic "Sand Attack until Judgment Day" tactic. I also feel pretty cool about having a Normal Touhou on my team, I don't normally go for them in the Pokemon games themselves as Normal Pokemon tend to have rather lame designs, but I like Lily.

  • So two things.

    1: I decided to leave Ju with the Daycare couple for a little while so she levels up a bit.

    2: I am going to take on Misty again, I will report back my success or failure, but am not going to screencap things and such.

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    To say I won would be a massive understatement. I pretty much swept them. Rei KO'd both Komachi in four turns. Total. And Derpy and Cheech took down her other two Touhoes (Chibi Star Sapphire and Chibi Nitori respectively).

    Things went better than expected.jpg



    I am not going to question this.

    In other news, that's it for today. Next update, we'll visit Bill/ZUN, and....I dunno. Stuff!

    CURRENT TEAM LINEUP (excluding Ju, who is with the daycare couple)

    Zestpoole the Sakuya: Perfect & Deadly Maid
    Rei the Medicine: Insanely Competent Genocidalist
    Cheech the Marisa: Feminine 'Shroomhead & Lightningrod
    Derpy the Lily: Hyper-Excitable Explosion-Happy Non-Elemental Fairy

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    I demand you get another Fairy and evolve it into a zombie >:|

    ...Because zombies :<

    Shit, now I want to make a Pokemon hack with zombies...
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    That exists already.

    Also, no.

    I have used Ghost types in literally every other playthrough I've ever done of this or any Pokemon-related game. I can do without for once.

    And for serious.

    How can you not like Derpy Lily?

  • TreTre
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    Derpy is the best Lily.

    So not only is Lily awesome, she's also a TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN.
    Despite the fact that she's probably Japanese NO! SHE'S AN AMERICAN, FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND FREEDOM

  • I should note that she has not yet fainted since learning Barrage.

    It's like she's become some sort of awesome machine of awesomeness.

  • TreTre
    That's her patriotic pride showing, baby.

    u-s-a u-s-a
  • >implying Gensokyo is in Japan.
  • TreTre
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    ...Good point.

    (note: Like I said, not a Too-Hoo fan.*)

  • Go to Youtube.

    Search for "Cirno's Perfect Math Class".

    I'll wait.

  • TreTre
    what did I just watch


    why do I kind of want more
  • That is how it always starts.

    The original (official) version of that song is called "Adventure of the Lovestruck Tomboy" btw.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    But... Zombie Fairy apocalypse... With zombie fairies... Who are zombies...

    :< Fine...
  • You realize there is a Zombie Pokemon ROMHack game

    it's called like

    Ivy or something.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    But does it have zombie fairies?

    ...And I just remembered that I had a hack I was trying to work on yet completely forgot that had your starter be essentially a piece of your soul, with it evolving differently depending on how you raised it
  • I don't know, man.

    Go like

    pick Trapinch

    or something.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    I found a picture of it


    I was expecting some sort of partially burnt corpse thing, not... Cute ghosty mc ghostington


    Also, this thing is ADORABLE!


    I vote for it for when it comes up as it is ADORABLE!
  • >Touhou

    >expecting something to not be cute


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    ^ I saw some of the legendaries

    Some of them are NOT BLAGH :|
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    They're EGG MCMUFFIN, they don't count.

    Also dude, spoilers. C'mon.

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    How is saying some of the legendaries aren't BLAGH a spoiler? They could be BLAGH, they could be BLAGH, they could be NIGEL THORNBERRY
  • I wanted it to be a surprise.
  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ :< Sowwy
  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    There. Fixed the spoilers
  • ...I go to sleep one time and everything ends up happening.

    Alright, first of all, I vote for putting STRONGEST in Ju's spot until we take her back from the Daycare. Oh, wait, we don't have STRONGEST anymore.

    I'll deal with everything else later.
  • Gensokyo Report, Edition 5:

    Komachi is a shinigami. That is, she's a psychopomp who takes souls into Higan so they can be judged. Since that part of the afterlife is separated from Gensokyo by the Sanzu River, she's also a ferrywoman in the vein of Charon. She's the final boss of TH 9, where an incident's caused by her not ferrying enough souls across the Sanzu. She's often portrayed as a slacker (explaining the presence of Slack Off) in canon as well as fandom.

    She has the power to manipulate distance, which she uses to change the length of the ferry-ride based on the soul she's ferrying. She also borrows the scythe motif and the coins motif from the Grim Reaper and Charon, respectively.

    The one on the right is Nitori. She's a Kappa, a type of youkai similar to turtles. She's also one of the few youkai who are actively friendly to humans. I mean, she still attacks you, but in a friendly way.

    She's also an inventor, much like most kappa. To her credit, she has invented an extending arm, a missile-launching system and an optic camo. They don't call her the Youkai Warhead for nothing. If anything vaguely technological appears in a fanwork, it's likely that Nitori's responsible for it.

    F.O.E., oddly enough, isn't a Touhou character at all. It's based off of a meme from the game Etrian Odyssey, where they represent random encounters on the world map (or something to that effect). However, they were featured in a video made by IOSYS, a music/animation group that's responsible for many of the Touhou memes. They also vaguely resemble a type of enemy called hairballs that appears in TH 6-8 and 10. So, they became associated with Touhou.

    Lily White is one of the notable faeries in Gensokyo. She's associated with hairballs because they're legion in the level she appears in. Like Kisume and Daiyousei, she's a midboss fairy with no importance to the story. Here's a quote from the Touhouwiki about her appearance in TH 9:
    During Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Lily reappears many times to announce spring. It seems her idea of announcing spring is via a dense cloud of danmaku thrown at the player at exactly the worst moment, but at least she's trying to do her job the best she can think of.
    This is what Lily represents to me. And it explains why her stats can't drop. Accuracy and attack don't matter when you're getting that many bullets thrown at you (this also explains Barrage).

    Also, Lily White (according to Zun) is also Lily Black. She's just in a different dress in the one level where Lily Black appears.
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    I may actually do a brief update today before I have to go to work tonight. It'll depend.

    Also thank you for explaining the things I am too lazy to explain, Yarrun.

    Oh, and some extra notes. Despite being one person Lilys White and Black are often depicted as two (usually siblings), or with Black as an evil alter ego.

    And sometimes she's just depicted like this. (ads nsfw)

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^^ The F.O.E. isn't the zombie fairy
  • Even in Tohomon, F.O.E.!
  • Since we may not have time for an update today I am just going to share pictures of our Touhoes that I like.

    Lily White as a kung-fu girl.

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    Hey bros and sisses, I know I said I wasn't going to get an update in today, but we can do a quick one, I've got about two hours before I need to leave for work.image

    Huh. I always thought he lived in a brewery.

    Well whatever, let's go in and talk to hi....





    The mind control powers have begun to manifest! We've started believing doublespeak! Inherent paradoxes mean nothing to us anymore!


    YOU'RE NOT ZUUUUU-of course, of course master. Of course you're ZUN. Of course of course of course.


    Do people say "joshing" anymore?


    of course, mistress


    anything...for...the mistress......oh god, what have we done?!


    it has stolen his form!


    What vile plans have you, monster?! SPEAK! You plan to conquer the Earth and purge it of its unclean aspects, do you not?!image

    this is it, isn't it? Our Tohomon journey ends here. Never to catch 'em all! Never to be a master! Never to make our way to the top of the hill! Never to take one more step up the ladder! Never to experience a whole new place with a brand new attitude! Never to beat up that douchebag Gary again!



    Actually I quite like this Lunarian. She's given us a fancy cruise ticket! Perhaps now we can get away from all this senseless bloodshed!

    Hopefully no one will notice this entire update, which used more screenshots than any Gym Battle so far, is built solely on a one-note joke one wouldn't even get without a heavy dose of background information.



    In other news, gonna grind now. If anything AWESOME AND COOL happens, I'll screencap it, I'll also try to screencap any wild Touhoes we haven't run into yet.

    Also, Yarrun, could you possibly Gensokyo Report on Nue? I think we can get one fairly soon. Whether or not we actually use it for anything will be up to the viewers, as per usual.

  • I only recap Touhous that we've already met (which reminds me; I really should go back and do reports for Sakuya and Chen). If I write reports on characters before we meet them, it may cause a time paradox.

    Still, I shall begin working on one.
  • Fine fine.

    I may be mistaken anyway, actually. I thought the underground passage lead somewhere different.

    Speaking of which! You can encounter Touhou in there, but I don't know how to make it happen.

  • ⊗¯\_(ツ)_/¯⊗
    ^ Sweet Scent
  • I have no Touhoes that know Sweet Scent, so I suppose that'll have to wait.

  • In which Cheech kills half the audience at a soccer game
    (The third magician is Alice Margatroid. We haven't met her yet.)
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