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  • There was this person who was fervently and stridently opposed to organ transplants to humans from non-human animals.  He felt this was just wrong and disgusting.  Then one day he had a heart attack.  Doctors trying to save his life had no choice but to give him a pig's heart because human hearts from organ donors were unavailable.  Thereafter, his opinion on organ transplants from non-human animals completely changed, as such a transplant had saved his life.

    He had a change of heart.
  • ...hey, what happened to all the brilliantly literal puns in this thread?  Did they just go poof because the OP went kaput?
  • Still wondering what happened to the great puns in this thread.

    It's like a great big hungry history textbook came and ate all of them.

    They're lost to history.
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    This one time, there was a forum where everyone loved to write in leet-speak.  It might have been horribly difficult to make sense of them, but they still loved the place.  Then one day, an admin decided that he was fed up with the leet-speak, and banned it, to force people to talk normally.  But instead of talking normally, everyone just zapped all their own posts and ragequit.

    This was because the forum had been de-leeted.
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